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Fan Art #3: AlxRiza (+ Black Hayate): 'Forest Path'

Fan Art #3: AlxRiza (+ Black Hayate): 'Forest Path'

You know, you'd have thought I'd have learned my lesson last time about doodling on printer paper, but noooo: I did the same thing I did on 'Fulfilled Wishes' and sketched this on printer paper, and started inking it, and then suddenly it's marker, colored pencil, and a dabble of gouache later, and I STILL have not learned my lesson. 7x9 inches large.

The plus side is, at least, that the marker this time is a bit more even.  It's like I'm willing it to obey me, even though the paper is crying out curses and decaying and lifting before my very eyes.

Anyway: I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out!  And even a half-arse background to boot!


This was inspired by sky_dark's  FullMetal Alchemist fan fiction (which made me have a soft spot for non-canon pairings like AlxRiza done in sky_dark's own world.  Here Al would be about 22 in "spirit." That makes Riza early 30's then I suppose? This was done for me, pretty much. ;)  I did something for myself! (gasp!).... and there isn't nearly enough AlxRiza art. Bwaha!

This also is not at all what I was planning as far as the original composition, but it works decently.  Next time I'll actually use the correct paper so I can do what I originally intended with color. ~_~

I'm too delerious right now to get close-ups of Black Hayate, etc. Wooo!  But if anyone wants anything, just give me a hollar. :)

I don't really do much in the way of "lovey" art-type things, but I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.  Far from perfect, but I like the "feel" of it, and it makes me go "naw."

One thing I REALLY wish I could redo would be (aside from actually referencing... anything), Black Hayate.  I was trying for a puppy and mature dogish mix, and I'm not pleased with how he turned out, but ah well: there will be other times.

I'd ask that if you are interested in doing anything with this image, that you ask permission first before you do anything.  Thanks so much!


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