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24 July 2006 @ 01:33 pm
Timelines for the anime?  
I have no idea if this has been discussed before (I'm pretty new to the series). Does anyone else notice the huge discrepancy in the passage of time between our world and Amestris at the end of the anime and in the movie? Has anyone ever tried to make a timeline for FMA?

If I'm reading things right, I guess this must mean that time is supposed to run at a different pace in our world than it does in Amestris. This is what I'm talking about ...

1910: This is when Ed and Al leave home; Ed is 12 and Al is 11.

1913-4: This is when the main events of the anime must take place, in order for ages to match up. Ed is 15 (his birthday is in the winter, I guess he would have turned 16 until the end of 1914) and Al is 14.

September 2nd, 1916: This is when episode 50, Death, takes place -- at least in OUR world. That's the date mentioned in the preview for 50, and on that day, just as shown in the series, German zeppelins bombed London (and one zeppelin was shot down -- the one that killed Alter!Ed). (More info on that here). So unless a lot more time goes by in the course of the series than it seems, and Ed is older than we think, then there's a difference in years when Ed comes out on the other side of the Gate.

Now, here's where it gets weird. During Schiezka's narration sequence, it's clear that not much time has passed (I believe she says one year? Wiki says only a few months, but I don't think that's true). So it should be 1915 (?) when Al (now 10 again, or maybe he's just turned 11) goes to train with Izumi again.

However, when we see Ed in Munich it is 1921. Maybe these two scenes aren't actually supposed to take place at the same time -- though honestly, I want to believe that Ed and Al are riding on those trains thinking of each other at more or less the same moment! ;). However, even so, that's a difference of six or seven years. The means that in the movie, Ed would have to be, like, 23 or 24 years old. Which I don't think he is.

So basically, I think that time in Amestris is supposed to go slower than it does in our world. Presumably, when Ed came through the gate a second time, several years had passed by -- it was probably around 1919.

Actually, if you take the Kids OVA into account, I think it must have been 1920 or so when he appeared again in our world -- because it's stated there that he turn 100 in 2005, which would have meant he should been born in 1905 -- and he wasn't, he was born in 1898. The only way it works out really is if he's 15 in 1920. I don't know what age Al is supposed to be in the movie ... or even a period of time is stated as having gone by since the end of the series and the beginning of the movie in Amestris, I haven't watched it thoroughly enough.

Now don't ask me to explain why there wasn't a huge gap in time during Ed's couple hours back in Amestris during the movie. *acknowledges the abundance of plot holes in the anime, but loves it too much to care*

Please tell me if I've got any of these dates or ages wrong. *_*;; I almost hope I do.
Lorelei: Al-facesmajor_ren on July 24th, 2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
Al is always one year younger than his brother. You need to subtract 4 years off that for their journey where Al's body doesn't age. Which makes him 13 in the movie. 5 years younger than Ed or 4 years younger than Alphonse aka 'other world Al'

Though, as a second thought, there might be a flaw somewhere in this. Especially in the time difference between Amestris and our world. Well, actually, there obviously is. The fact that 5 years pass by in our world between when Dante sends Ed across the gate and when he accidentally sends himself across when bringing back Al in exchange for the past 4 years(aka Al's memories, basicly making Al's soul and mind the same age as his body). And yet, the next 3 years between 1921 and 1923 flow exactly the same in both worlds. But, this flaut isn't Arakawa sensei's, it is simply the director's need to use certain events in history the write his own ending to FMA, which we already know ISN'T Arakawa's ending by recent and past events in the manga.

So, basicly, yes. It is dramaticly flawed, but it is an anime so that's ok. Also, even the begining years are flawed. When they attempt to bring back their mother, the anime claims the year is 1910 while the manga, which having come first and in the original words of fma's creator can be called the original date, claims that the year is 1911. Of course, this extra year does not fix the flaws in dates in the anime.

Of course, Arakawa's original words -the manga- are not flawed by misguided dates. But, then again, the manga and anime are so increditably different, you can not compare their endings or any events after Greed in the slightest without horribly hurting either of the plots. Also, the events previous tho Greed don't necessarily fit either.

Now, With the listed facts above, obviously, the dates do not work and are the director's way of using historical events to shape his plot.

My advise is pretty easy to follow: ignore the errors, who cares. XD And, read the manga because the manga is fullmetal to the core.

Write back if ya have any questions. They don't call me 'fullmetalphilospher' for nothing. heh. ^^

~Major Ren-chan of RR
It's in the trees! It's coming!: FMA SuperRoythickets on July 24th, 2006 09:48 pm (UTC)
Actually, what's going on with the 1910/1911 discrepancy is that BONES rearranged the order of events. In the manga, they try to resurrect their mother and then there is a year for Ed's automail, and this is 1910. Then they come back after Ed gets his State Alcemy certification and burn the house down, and that's why in his watch in the manga says 3 Oct 11. In the anime, they condensed it, so that the day they burn the house down is 3 Oct 10. They did that with a lot of things in the anime ... for example, Tucker, Nina and the chimera experiment are supposed to take place when Ed is 15, not when he first gets to Central. (I kind of like they way they did it in the anime though.)

I basically handle the differences between the manga and the anime by thinking of the anime as an AU on a grand scale. Like, the best AU fic ever written by the biggest, most involved fans. :D So I have no problem absolutely adoring the animation while enjoying the manga too ... just like I adore "Balance of Power" by Crackbunny Syndrome as a crazy AU fic.
Loreleimajor_ren on July 24th, 2006 10:49 pm (UTC)
oh, I didn't know that. Well, XD I've been trying to make my lazy self read the begining of the manga again, It's been years, after all. Thanks.