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oftheworld is a newly-birthed, .hack-based crossover RPG open to all players. It's set in a version of The World somewhat similar to (but not the same as) the one in .hack//GU.

Players play characters who have avatars in The World, and every avatar is PB (portrayed by) another character. The PB can be any other anime/manga/TV show/etc. character. For example, Yui from Fushigi Yugi might have an avatar that looks like Ashe from FFXII. The avatar could also look like an alternate version of the same character (Taka from Fushigi Yugi might have an avatar that looks like Tamahome, his former life in the series).

There are a pitiful number of characters as of yet, and original characters are allowed as long as they have an avatar PBed by an existing series character.

More information can be found at oftheworldooc. Please consider joining!
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