baby_kitty_toes (baby_kitty_toes) wrote in fm_alchemist,

art: Femme!Ed

Weeks ago i came across a femme!Ed Doujinshi, called 'Melissa' and i've been in such a girl!Ed mood since. The problem is... I can't find much fan work with female ed. Since i couldn't find any, i made my own :P

Still... if anyone can point me to some fanfiction or fan art of femme!ed i'd be thrilled. I perfer the stuff where Ed was born female but i'll take the 'boobs by an alchemy mistake' too.

Heck, i'm so desperate for femme!Ed that I'll bride you! I'll do fan art of your favorite pairing or charatcer if you write me a femme!Ed story or draw a pic! (just keep in mind that i might not be great at lesser known characters, but i'll try...) I don't care if it's gen or any pairing you want, it can be rated G or nr-17.  I don't care.  I just want cute girl!ed...

anyways, here's my femme!ed art.  click it for bigger version.  enjoy.


If you do a drawing/story for me, make sure you give me a link as well as what character/s you'd like drawn in return! If you don't tell me i'll just assume you're giving me a link to someone else's stuff or one of you older works (which is still great)

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