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An art contest based on a fic.

The Rules are simple! Just read THIS FANFICTION and draw your favorite scene! Any media and method is ok with us! For more info, or to find out where to send your scanned/computer-made fanart, just ask for info in a review of the story! You don't have to be an ff.net member to review! Contest ends July 29th, (maybe pushed back) and there are tons of prizes to be had! Just read the prize list that's at the end of the story! Good Luck to everyone! 

It Takes Love to Live: It is often said that one does not live unless one loves; but when it comes to Roy Mustang, who can say? After putting a friend in danger, will he finally learn what love truly is and be able to finally live Life?[Romance/Angst/Drama] 
Warnings: Shonen Ai 
Pairing: RoyxEd 
Rating: T [Series]
Dislamer: I didn't write this fic. The New Full Metal Alchemist did and she doen't own FMA either.

Here’s what you have to do: you have to illustrate your favorite scene/moment/etc. from “It Takes Love to Live” and send it to either Roy-Fan-33 or The New Full Metal Alchemist.

 First place winner will have their work displayed on the home page of Roy-Fan’s website and e-mailed 3 ultra-awesome RoyxEd doujinshi! They’ll also have their piece posted on the website’s homepage, and, get this, the opportunity to decided whether or not the story is to be continued, and be able to name one thing that they want to see happen (although I reserve the right to refuse to do it if it’s really, really bad…) – basically, whoever wins gets to decided once and for all (well, maybe not) whether or not Roy and Ed are a couple or just really close… 

Second place will receive either one doujinshi or the chance to have either Roy-Fan-33 or myself to write a fanfic for them as well as having their piece put in the gallery. 

Third place winner gets their picture in the gallery and the right to tell everyone they know that they won third place in a huge fanart contest (or ginormous… whatever…) and maybe even a doujinshi or something if we really liked it!

Deadline for all fanarts is July 29th, (maybe pushed back) and the winners will be announced on August 1st!
EDIT: the contest is extended to August 12! (or there abouts)

So, go out there and DRAW, DRAW, DRAW!

BTW, we don’t care how you do it – just so long as we get it! Haha!

Send all entrys to  ren_fan_33@hotmail.com (include something about the fanart contest in the subject line.) 

BTW this is Roy-Fan-33's site:  http://www.freewebs.com/roy-fan-33/

Also if someone is a member of a RoyEd community and would like to help by posting this there it would be most apreciated. ^_^

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