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Title: A Game of Taboo, a fic based on the Taboo epilogue by frankie_the_cat
Type of work: fanfiction
Author: esteltinuviel
Pairing: elricest (edxal)
Genre: romance
Rating: R
Words: 3281
Spoilers/Warnings: does contain elricest, lemon, smut, and cursing (so minors DON’T read this!)

Author’s Note: this is my first lemon so forgive me if I utterly suck at writing smut. I tried my best and I hope you like it!

A Game of Taboo

“Hey Ed, let me wash your back,” Al told his older brother, grabbing the wash cloth.

“Sure,” Ed replied, moving closer to Al. “Nothing like a refreshing shower to get you clean.” He sighed, taking in the hot shower air that was misted with water vapor.

Al laughed. “But, Ed, you’re hardly clean.” His voice was light and seductive. Al knew exactly how to tease Ed.

Ed immediately caught his implication. He blushed, saying, “Well excuse me for wanting to do other things besides just take a shower!”

Al was enjoying the effect his words were having on Ed. “You always want to do other things,” he whispered in his ear as he massaged his brothers back. His hands moved over the contours of his shoulders and muscles, cleaning away all the visible signs of their activities.

“It’s not like you didn’t--” Ed stopped, his body tensing up. “Al, that is NOT my back!” He struggled against the overwhelming feeling of pleasure he was experiencing as Al’s cleansing wash cloth had veered off it’s path. “That’s not even--” He moaned despite himself.

Al smiled mischievously. “Nope, not even close.” His hand gently massaged the skin; Ed could feel himself getting harder by the second.

“Al!” he breathed, turning around to lean into his brother’s bare chest. “I want...” His voice was husky, full of yearning, desire. An emotion that Al also felt, although he prided himself in controlling it more. Saving it for later, of course.

“Brother...” he replied, the want in his own voice apparent, despite his attempts to quell it. Ed was stroking him as he took his mouth in his own. Edward, his brother. But that didn’t matter anymore. They had accepted the fact that what they had, and did, was considered taboo. It was their own business, not the world’s. The world didn’t have to know, and as far as Ed and Al were concerned, the world would never know. Their little secret. There was something naughtily seductive about taboos...

Al opened his mouth wider has he felt Ed’s tongue beg entry and then force itself inside. Ed explored every nook, every wet and warm spot in his mouth, enjoying the sensations it produced. Even more than that, Ed loved the sensations that Al seemed to be experiencing. He purred into his mouth as a cat would, going limp underneath him. Ed took the opportunity to push Al up against the cold stone wall of the shower stall, pressing their moist bodies together. The friction further ignited their passion, making both all the more willing and ready.

Al bit playfully on Ed’s lower lip before breaking the kiss and moving to Ed’s neck. He lingered on the silky skin, tasting the sweetness that was Ed mixed with the bitter soap taste from the shower. His lips moved all along Ed’s shoulders, his chest and torso, and then finally trailing southward...

Ed gasped, one hand tightening his grip on Al, his automail hand resting against the wall. The light touch of Al’s lips that Ed felt was building, coming, there, then as soon as it had come, it was gone. Ed looked down, hoping to see Al’s silver gray eyes looking back at him. Nothing. He spun around. Al was behind him, wearing a grin on his face.

“You’re all clean now, brother,” Al said, turning off the water and pulling back the shower curtain. He grabbed a fluffy white towel and stepped out of the shower, wrapping it around his waist. Ed’s eyes lingered just below Al’s torso; he wished he hadn’t put on that towel and would get back in the tub with him.

“Hey, Al, what about--?” Ed called after Al as he exited.

“It won’t kill you, Ed,” Al called back, loving every second of torturing Ed. He would get him tonight.

Ed balled his fists up. He was frustrated, but not in the least bit angry. “I’ll get you tonight, Al. I’ll do you so hard you’ll beg for mercy!” Ed smiled at the thought; he liked being in charge.

“Now that’s an idea,” Al said from their bedroom. “I want to see you try.”

Ed got out of the shower, not even bothering to put a towel on. It was his turn to tease Al. “Just wait and see.”

* * *

Ed flopped on the bed. “I’m bored. What do you want to do Al?” he asked, lazily, closing his eyes as if he wanted to take a nap.

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Al lay down beside him, curling up against his back.

“Have sex,” Ed said matter-of-factly, eyes still closed.

Al sighed, “Are you always like this?”

“It’s hard not to be when you’re laying up against me like that!” Ed said, feeling a rosy blush creep across his face. His body was starting to react to the close contact in other ways, too.

“Sorry,” Al replied, although both of them knew that he was not in the least bit sorry. “I know!” Al said, suddently getting an idea. “Let’s play Taboo!”

Ed opened one eye to look at Al. “You’re joking, right? You can’t play Taboo with only two people, not even three if we invited Winry over.”

Al stared at his older brother. “But we can still try and play, you know. I’ll give you the clues and you can try and guess the word. We’ll take turns on giving and receiving.”

Ed could think of a different way to pass the time that he wanted to play that involved giving and receiving, but he knew Al would murder him if he said that. “What about the words we’re not supposed to say? How are we going to make sure that the other person isn’t saying those?”

Al paused for a minute, thinking. “Honor code?” he offered. That was the only solution. he could think of.

Ed looked as if he were thinking it over. “Damn honor code,” he swore. Now he couldn’t cheat without feeling guilty.

“Come on, Ed. Please?” Al pleaded, putting on his best innocent face.

Ed knew Al was anything but innocent, yet he could not ignore him when he pleaded and his eyes got all big and kissable. He had half a mind to just say to hell with it and pin Al to the bed then and there. However, Ed was beginning to think that it might be interesting to try and play Taboo with only two people. He opened both eyes. “Fine,” he relented.

“Yes!” Al exclaimed. “I’ll go get the game set up in the living room.” Al dashed off, disappearing from Ed’s view. Ed sat up, stretching, then followed Al into the living room. He had lay the game out on the floor; Ed took a seat across from his brother. Al finished setting up the cards and the other elements of the game. “You try and keep time and score for this round. You sure you’re up to it?” he said, handing Ed the small hourglass timekeeper and a pad and pencil.

“Of course,” Ed said. “Just tell me when you’re ready to start.”

Al nodded, flipping through a few cards before stopping on one he knew. The word was “cat”. “Okay, go!” Ed started the timer. “It’s something I always pick up on the street.” Al gave him clues, careful to avoid the words “animal,” “furry,” “meow,” “kitten,” and “ears.”

Ed knew it immediately. “Cat!” he yelled, really getting into the game. He marked a tally of one for himself on the pad of paper. “Keep going!”

Al flipped to another card, again easy. “You suck at this,” Al said, giving the only clue he could without saying the other words. He only hoped Ed wouldn’t be too mad.

“Cooking!” Ed got that one, too. “Come on, Al, hurry it up,” he told his brother, anxious to get as many as possible in this round.

“I’m trying,” Al said, breathless as he also was excited about the game. He flipped the next card over and immediately froze. The word was “sex” and Al couldn’t use “pleasure,” “love,” “romance,” “excitement,” or “intercourse.” How else was Al going to be able to describe it? His face flushed as he couldn’t come up with any good description.

“Just move to the next card, Al,” Ed commanded, impatient. Al wished he could have just flipped the next card over, but he was stuck on that same word, speechless.

“I, uh, um,” he stuttered, obviously flustered.


“Um, you, this is...”

Ed sighed. “It’s no use: time’s up. Next time, skip it.”

Al looked down at the floor, embarrassed that he got hung up over that word. He should have been able to describe it, what with all the experience he’d had lately. “Right, brother.”

“So what was wrong, anyway?” Ed said as he passed over the game pieces to Al. “Did you not know the word?”

Al blushed even harder. “Oh, I know the word...”

“Then what was it?” Al silently handed him the card, not looking at Ed. It was already bad enough that he couldn’t describe it, and now he knew Ed would bug him about it forever.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Ed said plainly.

Al looked up. “Ed! You don’t have to be so forceful about asking me for--”

Ed just stared at him. “No, I mean you should have said ‘I’m going to fuck you’ and I would have immediately thought of sex.”

“What have I told you about using that word to describe that?!” Al hissed.

Ed teased, “I suppose you want me to say ‘make love’ instead?”

He only added fuel to Al’s fire. “No! I want you to just call it ‘having sex’!” He glowered at Ed, who merely gave him a sly grin. “Besides, I’m going to fuck you...” he said under his breath, using that word despite his utter hatred for it.

‘What was that, Al?” Ed asked, his grin broadening. He loved doing this.

“Nothing!” Al said, perhaps more forcefully than he would have wished, for Ed’s smile vanished. An awkward silence ensued. Neither seemed willing to speak or resume the game, and so they just sat quietly, staring at the floor.

Ed broke the silence by saying, “Let me look at that card again.” He moved closer to Al who held it up for him to read. He scooted up next to him, his face inches away from his brother’s. As he did so, their bodies brushed up against one another, sending a surge of heat through their skin. “Move it a little closer, Al,” Ed whispered, watching as Al’s own eyes were fixed on the word “sex.”

“Gotcha!” Ed yelled as he pushed Al down against the floor, pinning him underneath his weight. “Now it’s my turn to have a little fun, and this time we’re not going to stop half-way through!” Ed ground his teeth, still slightly frustrated from the event in the shower, but realized that would all dissipate after a few minutes.

The though of resisting didn’t even cross Al’s mind. He liked it when Ed was in control; he could just relax and enjoy the sensations which engulfed his body. Not that he would ignore Ed’s own desires; Al would never be so heartless. Alphonse knew exactly how to take care of those.

Ed kissed Al hard on the lips, pushing his tongue inside. Al’s own tongue began to explore Ed’s mouth, taking delight in it’s depths. Ed began to kiss him with more force and fervor; Al felt his lips bruising, but he knew that he would be sore in more than that area. He reciprocated Ed’s action, running his tongue along his brother’s teeth, feeling the slick enamel. He arched his back, leaning into Ed, pressing their hips together. Each relished the friction between their bodies.

Ed wrapped his hands in Al’s bronze hair, further entangling their forms. Al’s right hand lingered on Ed’s torso, tugging at the bottom of his shirt, while his left was entwined around a strand of flaxen hair. Edward could feel Al’s hand around his clothes, and he yearned to be free of them. The fabric of his tight black pants was growing increasingly constricting. Despite this, Ed was determine to rid Al of his clothes first. He disengaged their kiss, looking down at his brother beneath him to stare into the slate colored eyes. They were filled with the same need as Ed’s own golden orbs, a need that Al noticed.

Al freed his hands and removed his shirt, Ed doing the same, leaving them in just their pants and what lie underneath. With one deft movement of the hand and teeth, Ed had helped Al out of his pants, then Ed gratefully slid out of his own restricting bonding. Ed took a moment to look at his brother’s body, which was obviously just as prepared and ready as he was. Only one thing separated the pair, something Ed remedied by removing the painfully annoying bits of cloth that were their boxers. Now their bodies were bare, nothing hidden from the other’s sight.

Edward placed his free hand on Al’s chest, gentling massaging the skin and then placing kisses along the path. He lingered at his neck, nuzzled up against his collar bone, and giving an affectionate bite which he knew would leave a visible mark. Al only relaxed further, powerless against the onslaught of pleasure which coursed through his body. He could already feel it coming, the sensation he longed for the most, and yet he knew Ed was drawing it, him, out, playfully torturing him. It drove him insane with just the thought.

Ed continued with his massaging, rubbing circles in rhythmic patterns, moving slightly downward with very stroke until he finally heard Alphonse moan into his ear. “Brother!” he cried, closing his eyes as everything ripped through his being. Ed knew Al was close, thus he took him in his hand, feeling his brother move with every light touch he gave him. He ran his fingers down Al’s length. And suddenly, as Ed’s tongue had darted across the sensitive skin, Al came, seeping onto his hands and in his mouth where Ed quickly swallowed, allowing Al’s essence to trickle down his throat and enter him. He tasted bittersweet but familiar, as someone not completely foreign but as someone melded with himself. Alphonse being part of himself through their bond.

Within seconds of his release, Al began to experience new sensations. Ed had rolled him over on his stomach so that he lay face down on the cold wooden floor. His sweaty hair was now matted to his forehead, and his arms splayed out in front of him. They were unable to grasp at anything moldable except the piece of paper, which Al knew would end up crumpled and ripped soon. Then he would be left with an unmoving floor to release his energy upon.

Ed, meanwhile, positioned himself and wrapped his brother’s legs around his own, drawing him up. One of his hands, still slick from Al’s essence, which would act as a natural lubricant, found its way inside his younger sibling. He started off slow, using only one finger, but as Al’s moans increased, Ed quickly inserted two other fingers, preparing him although not necessarily preventing any pain that Al might experience. But Alphonse did not mind the pain, for it was so much more than just pain. It was pain that was not excruciating, but sweet. The pain would always meld into pleasure and indescribable emotions, feelings beyond what words could express. Alphonse never hated the pain that Ed gave. He willingly welcomed it, coming back time and time again so he could feel his brother inside him. To know that they were closer than they could ever be. That was how great his love for Edward was.

Ed thrust, delving deep inside and then nearly pulling out before repeating the motion. Al cried out, his voice muffled. “Ed--ward!” Al breathed as he felt himself harden again, ready to relieve himself of the building pressure he experienced when he felt his brother enter. Ed was now thrusting harder, each time injecting more energy into his movements. Al desperately clenched his legs around Ed; his hands balled into fists, unable to grasp at the wooden floor. Ed knew that he was almost there, and with every new thrust, he was getting closer. Soon, Ed felt that if he pushed any harder, he would rip his brother apart and then collapse, still inside him.

Ed gave one final propulsion. At that exact moment, Al twisted under him in a mixture of ecstasy and torture as Ed he felt Ed hit the perfect spot before coming inside of him just as Al came again. Ed’s own eyes shut to the blinding white lights in his sweet release. The milky liquid filled Al, leaving a lingering warmth. Part of Ed was in him, his seed, although he knew nothing could grow from that seed. Ed shuddered as he pulled out; all of his muscles relaxing. “Alphonse...” he sighed, completely exhausted. He didn’t even have enough energy to move, and so he collapsed, still on top of Al. His head rested on his younger brother’s chest. Ed’s damp golden hair tickled his skin.

Their breathing was heavy and ragged, but they gradually began to regulate the pattern, which was soothing and calming. “I guess,” Al gasped, still finding himself breathless from the sensations, “You did do me hard.” He stroked Ed’s hair, running his fingers through his flaxen tresses.

Ed smiled and murmured into his warm chest, “I never go back on my promises.”

Al smiled back, drawing Ed’s face up to place a light kiss on his lips. He pulled away, saying, “You know we’re going to need another shower, after this.”

Ed laughed, rolling over onto the floor, “Yeah, and this floor’s going to need to be cleaned, too!”

Al sat up, stretching. “That floor is NOT comfortable!” He rubbed his back and shoulders. “I think I’m going to have to get you back for this.”

“That a promise?” Ed did find the idea of Al getting “revenge” on him seductive; he couldn’t wait for that night in bed when he knew Al would get him.

“You bet!” Al exclaimed, tackling Ed.

“Hey, Al, wait--” Ed tried as Al pinned him down to the floor. He hadn’t expected Al to get him back so soon, let enough have enough energy to try. “Don’t you want to finish the game?”

Al, straddling Ed, stopped as he paused, thinking. “You know, I think you’re right.” He got up, handing Ed his forgotten clothes. “Put these back on. But you know,” he looked mischievous again, “I think we’ll lay Strip Taboo instead.” He was going to taunt and tease Ed until he begged for mercy, then he would surprise him.

Ed pulled his shirt on over his head, grinning. “Al, did I ever tell you how much I love you?”

Al groaned. “Only every chance you get!” He added quietly, “But I don’t mind.”

Ed’s look softened. “Ready?” he asked.

Al nodded. “You’re going to lose!” And the game of Strip Taboo began.

In the end, nothing was taboo. Not the bedroom, the living room floor, the couch, the kitchen, and certainly not the shower. No space was left without their marks of love, not the house, not them. And love was never taboo. They had learned that and accepted it. Love should never be taboo, no matter what forms it takes, and Elric brothers definitely were not strangers to love.

Type of work: fanart
Artist: esteltinuviel
pairing: none
Rating; G
Medium: copy paper, pencil, copic multiliner 0.1 mm, Copic markers, colored pencils

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