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Full Metal Alchemist Layouts

I myself have a Lust Live Journal Layout...and such..

I spend time making layouts for other people. Since there are no rules in this comm about advertising about layouts, then I'll do it.

I do Live Journal Packages for 20 dollars (details on one of my public posts about what I do for layouts on my journal)

I do notice some people have paid journals, and no styles....So Im here to offer the service. I'll do any FMA layout for any paid user. [the rules on free layouts are also on my public post about layouts...the details are on there lol]

:] I just wanted to ask if any of you wanted me to do a layout for ya :D

Please comment on this post if you want anything done <3

- Jenna

Also Im not exactly new to this community, Ive been lurking..but I did notice that the last poster had a paid account yet no style xD Its ok, she might of done it for the icons ect...but I would love to do a style of Ed, or anyone from FMA for her ^____^!
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