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04 May 2004 @ 10:30 pm
Cosplay help needed  

Question for cosplayers who are familar with wigs and such:

I, like many others, am attempting cosplaying as Edward for Otakon. I've looked through WitchWigs since it's been recommended many times but I'm having trouble figureing out which one would the easist and best to style/work with.

These are the choices I narrowed it down to (I was thinking of ordering yellow blond, golden orange, or light golden brown for any of them.):

Ashley 850 (no bangs)

Cher 951

Jesus <-- seems like the best match(since I'd be braiding it), but I'm not quite sure.

Cleo 601 <-- can cut bangs...? Kinda paranoid about it though. =/

Or are there any other suggestions(something under $50ish) Thanks!

And if it helps with color suggestion, here's a photo of me. meep; i hate it. n.n;

THANK YOU! to all who've commented and helped me out a great deal with your comments and suggestions. <3 =)
breakin' through the door: Teh Smartmiss_arel on May 5th, 2004 05:12 pm (UTC)
Okay, well, on the note of the Cher vs Ashley (where DO they come up with these names?) you still oughta go with the Ashley. The reason being that Ed's hair is naturally more wavy than straight. And though it IS possible to curl a wig, believe me when I say it is a Premium Pain in the Ass. (Just a tip -- curling irons do NOT work. Unless you WANT your hair to be melted.) So I still say go with the Ashley. I think that would work fine.