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12 July 2006 @ 12:14 pm
Food for thought anyone?  
SPOILERS for the end of anime/movie behind a cut!

Being a fan of Science fiction literature and FMA (The perfect combination for killing brain cells. XD), I realized a connection...

Well, first off, let's start with the butterfly theory. It was mentioned in one of Ray Bradbury's short stories from R is for Rocket, called "A Sound of Thunder".
The theory, and the story itself, explained how destructive it would be if time travelling ever became possible.

The thing is, if you went back into the prehistoric era and stepped on a bug, all the future offspring of that bug would instantly cease to exist, and that's a lot of bugs, not to mention THEIR offspring. All those bugs lost might cause a single bird to starve to death. Think about that bird's entire offspring, and all of the animals that eat that bird, and their offspring. The sudden absence of all these animals could cause, further in the future, for a caveman to starve to death. Now, what if said caveman was the ancestor of Martin Luther King Jr.? Mother Theresa? George W. Bush?

How does this connect to the FMA movie? You see, the Elric brothers were meant to stay in Amestris. They were never meant to go on our side of the gate. They went against the laws of nature, just like a time traveller would do. If this actually happened in real life, what kind of impact would they make on the world? If the Elrics spent the rest of their lives on our side of the gate, how many bugs do you think they stepped on?

Really makes you think, doesn't it? ;D
takarifreak: Cookiestakarifreak on July 12th, 2006 08:31 pm (UTC)
Time travel IS NOT impossible (it is not against the laws of physics at all). We do it every single moment, but it's in only 1 direction at a constant speed.

I pose a more interesting thought. Considering our world and Amertris seem to be parallel worlds; if altering the course of time WERE possible, who's to say any "screw ups" or whatever would actually unravel the fabric of time, but just serve to create another paralell universe of said "what ifs"? What if every time that might happen, another form of the gate is created, and another similar world reflecting the differences lies on the other side?

The big difference (FMA universe wise) from us and Ametris is we didn't develop alchemy. What if that's the ONE difference that everything else evolved from? From what I belive, it could have very easily been only 1 of them in exitance at one point, and the other was the creation of someone ***ing with reality and the end result was the other. The simiarities are too much to be JUST a coincidence. There's a connection somewhere.

Fate also may come into play. Say, if everything were predestined, then any time ripping done would just be part of the intended flow, screw ups and all.

Speaking realisticly:

In science, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you went back in time and killed you ancestor before they created said ancestry line, then you would cease to exist. But if if you didn't exist, you would not be around to even traveled back in time to commit said murder. Considering time traveling (not of the normal variety) is a complex matter, it's possible the timeline has some sort of self-defense mechanism to prevent such major screw ups like that. Heck, it's already done a bit of that by not enabling anyone to perform any kind of time ripping as of yet.
Elizabeth: Mariostang! (made by me)bettle on July 12th, 2006 11:13 pm (UTC)
I had to read through your theory a few times to fully understand it, (hahaha me and my pea-brain. XD) But now I can see what you're getting at and I agree.