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[fic] Beautiful World

Al-centric. After the movie, so beware of spoilers.

* * * * * * *

It is rather peculiar that they are standing side by side here before the river, watching the sun setting behind the hills of the familiar landscape of his homeland. But there they are, the cool breeze of the wind playing with their hairs and the sound of water is soothing as the world around them goes about their ways.

It is a beautiful world.

The tall young man next to him turns his head and smiles at him, red hue coloring his light blond hair and pale complexion. He says nothing, just gently lifts a hand and reaches out to brush Al's cheek and Al can't help but wonder how it would have felt had the owner of the hand had been alive and they hadn't been in this world devoid of the sense Al has missed once. It brings back the memories of the sensation or lack of one that he experienced once, and it pains him to realize that even now when he has it back and is able to feel, there will be times like this when he can only see but not able to feel the touch, even though he wants to even just for once....

The tall young man's lips move but Al can't hear anything but the sound of the water. He leans forward and Al closes his eyes as he kisses his forehead and wraps his arms around him gently, but even as Al clings onto him desperately, it is as if he had been holding onto thin air. And even as Al opens his mouth and calls out his name, nothing is heard even as he feels his throat turn hoarse and tears come to his eyes.

Is this a punishment for him to kill this young man he has only met as a corpse? Even the cold skin he touched at the funeral was better than this visual torture and he want to go away, to escape and forget of the existance of this place, but even as the tall young man never does anything to prevent him from straying away, Al can't make himself walk away from this horribly beautiful world, because this is the only place he can see the tall young man because his body has been buried and deconstructed into the soil and not even alchemy, had he still been able to use it, can bring him back, no matter how desperate he is....

* * *

The tall young man brings his hand around Al's shoulder as they sit at the river bank, the sound of the water in their ears and somewhere in background, the birds are chirping and they can hear laughters despite the lack of human beings aside from them. Al leans his head on his shoulder, trying to imagine the coarse texture of his shirt and the smell of the skin and the warmth of the body.

Together they watch the sunset of their beautiful world.

* * * * * * *
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