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11 July 2006 @ 04:47 pm
Fanart: The Cat-Napper  
I have some fanart to share with you all!
It's a rather random idea that came to me the other day. I just had to draw it out. XD

Preview picture:

(Click to see the actual picture)

Sidenote: If I ever have the bright idea of drawing Armor!Al again, I want someone to promptly throw a wrench at me. @_x However, other than killing a few brain cells figuring out how to draw Al, I had fun working on it.
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Chex: Buzz Lightyeardragonalchemist on July 12th, 2006 05:51 am (UTC)

^^;; Thanks. I actually had to make about three models of it. One for myself, a second one, then an altered one of slipsheet plastic for the Ed that went with me to Sakuracon.

It was totally worth the work. :D