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Title: The Romance of Roy Mustang
Author: jadedsilk
Series:Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: MaesxRoy
Rating: Hard R - NC17
Genre: Humor/Romance
Warnings: Yaoi ^_^ For the RedFlamel contest. The contest is finished now, so entries can be posted. I am also glad this was there, because my harddrive exploded and the touka-koukan copy was the only existing copy :D.

"No. I'm studying."

"Come on, Roy, you've been sitting there for the last three days without moving. Let's go to the bar."


"Oh come on, please?! You can't expect to pass your exams if you don't give your brain a break."

"By drinking away all my hard work?! No thank you."

"You're so serious all the time, buddy. Wouldn't even a pretty girl with big---" Maes made a crude hand gesture, and Roy didn't even look up, making Maes give up mid-sentence. "---aww jeeze, you really got it bad. At least come to the mess hall and get something to eat."

"When I'm done with this paragraph."

"Roy, you said that three hours ago!"

"It's a long paragraph."

Maes Hughes was getting desperate. Roy Mustang had been studying for the last three days and had barely slept, barely eaten, and he was fairly certain the other man's bladder had to have burst three times over. He had been waiting for the puddle to form under the chair, but as of yet, he hadn't seen one.

"Buddy, you can only study so long before you vaporize!"

Roy finally irritably stuck a bookmark into his chapter and looked up at Maes; his eyes had tears beading in the corners from the glare of lamp on white paper.

"I don't care," Roy said lowly. "If I don't pass this, my father is going to kill me."

"You're father is going to kill you anyway, Roy---seriously, he's got his head up his ass. My parents would be proud to have a kid half as smart as you, you know?"

"What the hell are you talking about, Maes?! Who got accepted into Intel two weeks ago?!"

"Well, I'm people smart, but I'm not book smart. I won't make anything of myself. You're gonna pass your exams and do just fine and---"

"I won't pass if I don't study, so leave me the hell alone!" Roy interrupted grumpily, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

Maes finally shrugged his shoulders with a sigh and backed off, defeated for the moment. Besides, he was hungry, and if Roy wanted to be a dick and starve to death, let him. Fine. Fucking fine. So what if he was jealous that his best friend---the man he---aww---who cared. He wanted to spend time with Roy. So sue him.


He came back and cautiously opened the door a crack while he watched Roy rub those lean shoulders with an absent hand, his whole body obviously in a cramp.

He had opened the door quietly, and Roy was so absorbed in what he was reading that he didn't seem to really notice. Maes decided that needed to change.

If he couldn't take Roy out to the bar, he wasn't sure what he was going to manage. At least he could make sure Roy took a small break now, right? Right.

He gave the dorm room door a cheerful kick, and it flew open, slamming into the wall so hard that it made plaster rain down from the ceiling.

"Hello, Roy! I brought pie!" he cried cheerfully.

He decided then that Roy's reaction time was something very spectacular. Hell, his reaction in general had been gorgeous. Roy had leapt to his feet, knocked an entire stack of books onto the floor and had tipped over his chair. Now the man was standing, shaking, with hands groping for a gun that was not there.

For a moment, Maes and Roy shared eye contact, one dark set of eyes wide with surprise. Maes' golden-green were crinkled around the edges with the smile on his face, one that was so wide it could have lit the entire room. Maes Hughes was not laughing, simply because he didn't want to die, but he had to admit, the articulate rise and fall of Roy's chest was amusing; the wavering in those frantic hands was classic. Maes enjoyed a good prank. He always had. And maybe he was secretly getting revenge for Roy stiffing him on time together even though that was just stupid. They were best friends, right? Right.

"I could just about kill you!" Roy said breathily as he finally relaxed a bit, glaring daggers now at his roommate.

"But you can't!" Maes said softly, his tone whiny and slightly pathetic. "I brought you pie."

Maes watched Roy's countenance buckle into half a dozen different expressions; a dozen different emotions vied for facial integrity before settling on something neutral (and quite a bit unamused).

"Is it strawberry?" Roy asked, righting his chair.

"Yeah," Maes grunted proudly.

"Does it have whipped cream?" Roy queried as he picked up his books, neatly restacking them on his desk.

"Yep," Maes grunted again.

"Does it have chocolate topping?" he asked as he straightened his notes and capped his bottle of ink, resting his pen on a handkerchief to keep the ink from soaking through.


"Then give it here already!" Roy said dangerously.

Maes just smiled and disgorged a large container from where he had snuck it out under his unbuttoned uniform coat, as the rules opposed taking food from the mess hall to eat later.

"I brought you chicken and potatoes too," Maes said softly, proffering chopsticks.

Roy just grunted, snatched up the container, and had a seat on the ratty old area rug on the floor between the beds, leaning against his own headboard.

Maes watched him eating, watched those slim and well manicured hands move, watched him chew and swallow like a starving man, hunching in pain and exhaustion. How long had Maes been watching his best friend like this? Through grade school? Through basic training? Through field drills? Now? Now that they were eighteen and nineteen respectively, and they shared a dorm room on the grounds?

Maybe it was the women he had never really felt for, maybe it was the tiny, slowly aching bubbles of jealousy just under his ribs that made him hate every woman or man Roy wooed, seduced, and then left. Maybe it was the ache he felt just as he climaxed, hand on his need in the shower. Maybe it was all of these things and nothing. Maybe it was a mistake to feel this way---and yet he did.

He cared and he worried and he wanted Roy to succeed but he hated watching him do this to himself. He knew the State Alchemist exam was murder---but when Roy wasn't on duty, he was studying like this--- and god knew they spent no time together as it was. Maes would settle for just Roy, just this little bit. But Roy wouldn't even give him that in his fear driven need to succeed.

Maes was somehow now more twistedly determined to have Roy for it too. Because he knew that he couldn't live without the other man. He had wondered many times himself if Roy might not feel something for him too---he had caught the beautiful dark haired man watching him in the middle of the night, the weight of that stormy gaze pulling Maes from sleep. Maes would wake up and smile for his roommate before he feigned sleeping again, and he pretended to ignore the sound of Roy's hand sliding wetly against his need. The tiny whimpers he made as he finished, biting his pillow to be silent.

No, it hung there between them, and neither of them knew how to tackle this aberration.

But Maes had to try. It wasn't like him to give up the battle before it started. And maybe it was just because he was curious.

Who knew.

He had shut the door behind himself more quietly than he had opened it and had gone to sit on Roy's bed, behind the lither man.

While Roy ate like he was famished, Maes reached down and gently began to rub at Roy's shoulders, teasing at the ache he could feel in knotted muscles.

At first, Roy tensed, trying to shrug off the touch, but as the smaller man finished the food Maes had brought him – and as the pain in his stomach no doubt abated – he finally leaned back into Maes' massage.

Maes rubbed with broad palms, teasing across throbbing shoulders, sliding down the heavily muscled groove of Roy's spine, soothed at the tender sway of Roy's lower back---Roy dropped his head forward with a submissive sigh, shivering.

Maes wasn't certain exactly when things changed, when Roy began to feel different under his hands. He wasn't certain why he had begun to get hard, or why just this privilege had become a guilty pleasure. But he did know that a smaller and softer hand was now caressing up a calf, coming to knead encouragingly on the top of his thigh. And that it belonged to Roy---

Maes almost startled, but he did not pull away from the gesture, the motion that was making him even harder and made his fingertips a bit more than eager---.

And something snapped between them. Before Maes could blink, Roy was crawling up into his lap, lips pressing sleekly against Maes', warm tongue sliding its way inside as Maes took a sudden breath of surprise.

It didn't feel bad, and it was far from the first time Maes had ever been kissed---but this was /Roy/ and /Roy/ was kissing him and that was shocking and wonderful and that tongue was on his and he honestly didn't remember what to do. Perhaps it was because he was so surprised that this wasn't really that much different from kissing a woman; perhaps not. Whatever the reason though, Maes Hughes did something he had never before done in his life.

As Roy's need pressed hard against his through the fabric of their uniform pants, Maes Hughes panicked. And accidentally bit Roy's tongue.

Roy pulled away with a yelp, hands on his lips and eyes wide with surprise.

"I---oh shit! I'm sorry!" Maes gasped.

Roy rocketed out of Maes' lap, eyes just as shocked and more than a little guilty.

"I shouldn't have---I'm sorry!" Roy murmured, backing away, need still articulate under his uniform pants, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.

"No Roy---Roy---it's okay, I liked it! I just freaked out---Roy I'm sorry! I didn't mean to---!"

But it was too late. Roy was frantically gathering the books from his desk, shoving them into a backpack, and was out the door before Maes could get a word in edgewise.

So Maes Hughes sat there with a huge hard on and an empty Styrofoam container, and felt like a massive ass.


He hadn't seen Roy for three days and he had spent most of his free time jerking off in pure frustration. Supposedly, his friends had told him that Roy had been staying at "Patricia's house" and sleeping on her couch. It made Maes want to scream and tantrum. Instead, he simply decided that he had to make this up to Roy somehow. And maybe take it as a challenge. So he had fucked up once; so what? It could still be all right between them...

And so it was when he came upon his best friend alone on the military gardens in the middle of a park bench, nose stuck in a book, that he felt providence had smiled upon him.

Maes sat down just a tiny bit nervously next to Roy, scratching the back of his neck uncertainly. Roy didn't look up, and if it weren't for the white knuckled grip Roy had on the binding of the book, or for the fact that Roy was obviously reading it upside down, Maes would have thought the other man simply hadn't noticed him.

"Roy---I like you," he murmured nervously into the late afternoon sunshine, his voice barely carrying over the sound of the birds in the trees.

The book fell from Roy's nerveless fingers to his lap with a plop. Terrified obsidian eyes met Maes'.

"You're my best friend," Roy said; his tone holding a bit of outrage that even he didn't seem to believe.

"All the more reason," Maes said quietly.

"I shouldn't have come onto you---it was a mistake---I'm sorry."

"Roy---calm down a little, okay, buddy? I wanted it, I just didn't know what to do about it---I feel the same way. How long do we have to keep playing these games? You don't want anyone else but me, I don't want anyone else but you. C'mon. Why lie to ourselves anymore?"

"I am calm, and I have an exam to study for," Roy said severely then, looking away from Maes so the other man hopefully wouldn't see the hunger in that gaze, the hurt it caused to turn Maes down like this.

"No matter what, Roy, I'll never stop being your best friend---aren't you even the least bit curious what could be? At the worst we could just be friends again.”

"No. I'm not. I'm studying. Go away Maes," Roy said woodenly, a bit more harshly than was necessary, probably because he was still panicking.

Maes could see the pulse jumping in the other man's throat, could see the unsteady breaths he was taking by the rise and fall of his shoulder cord even as he struggled the book, still upside down back into his hands, flipping a page like Maes didn't exist.

Maes Hughes was not one to take that lightly.

He shoved the book down, forcing Roy to drop it into his lap for the second time in so many minutes. "You can't study when the book is upside down, Roy!" Maes murmured just before he pressed his lips to Roy's.

For a moment, Roy was stiff beside him, stiff under his mouth. He was probably more than a little cautious considering their last encounter---but a moment later, Roy groaned softly, turning into the gesture, and melting, sliding his hands up and down Maes' forearms, pulling him closer, opening silky lips to Maes' careful tongue. Maes delved inside more hungrily than he thought was possible, finding a return groan working its way from his throat as their tongues twined.

The book hit the sidewalk, falling from Roy's lap as Maes lowered the other man closer to the bench so that he could press kisses down that pale throat to the stiff fabric of that military jacket.

Roy moaned, arching his neck up helpfully, arms coming around Maes' neck for support, shivering in desperation. Maes crawled more over top of Roy, letting his leg drop off the side of the bench so that he could roll their groins together, so that he could feel Roy's need against his. As he did so, Roy cried out lowly, one hand coming up to fist in Maes' hair. Maes came up for air for a moment then, and was glancing down into vulnerable and hungry obsidian when his forehead violently impacted Roy's collarbone, and he saw stars.

Maes dropped Roy in surprise as his arms went numb from the force of the blow, and he fell stunned from the bench and onto the ground to the sound of barely coherent screaming. Or maybe that was because the blow to the back of his head had made his hearing go.

>From what he could see from where he was chewing on paving tile, Roy was sitting bolt upright now, one hand over his aching collar bone and staring at some point just past Maes in horror, his hand raised as if to ward off some sort of horrible monster, his dark eyes wide.

Maes watched through slightly blurry vision as a large leather purse sailed through the air to collide with Roy's face, knocking the slighter man up and off the bench despite the fact that he was trying to brace with his hand. Roy was then scrambling to his feet holding his eye even as the ability to hear returned to Maes.

"You sick perverts!" a frail old voice rose in the early afternoon lull. "You sick homosexuals! Doing that and in public no less! You are sick, sick, SICK!"

The purse struck Maes in the shoulder again, and pain exploded up into his neck.

"Run, Maes! She has a brick in that thing!" Roy cried, scooping up his book and running for his life.

Maes staggered away behind Roy, trying as hard as he could to run in a straight line, the old woman still screeching after him.


"That sucked!" Maes moaned, sitting on the floor next to Roy who was holding a bag of frozen peas over his blackening eye.

"It was your idea."

"Oh come on, you know you liked it."

"Up until the brick and the running and the screaming; yes, I did," Roy grunted bad-temperedly.

"Oh hell, what do you say I make it up to you? I'll take you to the bar."

"Like a date?" Roy asked dubiously.

"Uh, yeah, I'd kinda like that, but if we can't do that, it's fine if you just want to go grab a bite to eat somewhere."

Maes Hughes would not give up. Not now---they were just getting somewhere!

"I can't go out to the bar like this, and I have to study!"

"Will you fuck studying for ten minutes?! Roy you aren't the first guy ever to go to the bar with a black eye.”

"Or the first to leave with two; knowing you, Maes, you'll just get me into more trouble--- and some guy with a neck thicker than my entire torso will beat me to a bloody pulp."

"Oh come on, Roy, when the hell has that ever happened before?"

Roy gave Maes a dire look.

"Oh--- OH! Hehe---sorry, yeah, I forgot about that."

"That's because you didn't have A CAST FROM YOUR WRIST TO YOUR SHOULDER FOR THREE MONTHS!" Roy growled.

"Uh, good point---but I promise, no funny stuff, just you, me and the bar, okay? Just good old times, okay?"

Roy glowered at Maes.


They staggered back into the dorms around two in the morning. Roy was blown out beyond belief, and Maes was only halfway there. Roy liked his whiskey. He also had the tolerance of a flea. He was currently leaning against Maes as the bigger man lugged them both in the door and locked it behind himself.

"Y'know---" Roy slurred. "You're really good looking---I kinda don't know whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy---." Roy trailed off into a moment of near incoherent babbling before he finished his sentence. "I didn't ashh you to fuck me before---shhh---god---got such a hard on, do me, 'kay?" Roy asked, hiccupping before falling down backwards onto his bed, and taking Maes with him in a tangle.

Roy's mouth was on Maes', not half as precise as it had been previously, it was sloppy and Roy's tongue was a bit lax, tasting of whiskey.

Maes was drunk, but he wasn't so drunk he didn't know what he was doing. He also was a bit worried. Yeah, sex sounded great, but not with Roy like this. He wanted to be sure it was consensual. Roy was writhing under him like the drunken happy clam that he was, and all Maes could do was struggle to hold on to his libido.

When Roy fell away from him, looking a bit miffed that Maes hadn't kissed back and glowering, Maes tried to get a word in edgewise.

"Roy---you're really drunk---I don't want to do this unless you're sober, okay? I want to be sure everyone enjoys it---"

Roy looked outraged.

"I'm not good enough to fuck?!" he slurred. Maes shook his head, backpedaling.

"No no, Roy---" he stroked dark hair back out of his best friend’s eyes. "I want to make love to you, not fuck you. You deserve better than that."

Maes was aghast when Roy burst into tears, writhing beneath him again, rubbing hard need on hard need through the frustrating barrier of fabric. "You don't want me and I neeeeed you." Roy wailed drunkenly.

Oh god, this was the last damn thing their wall mates needed to hear at two am.

"Roy---Roy---hush--- it's okay, I want you, just wait a bit to have sex, okay? Can you wait for a little bit? I'll make it up to you!" Maes pleaded quietly.

"You don't waaaant meee!?" Roy halfway yowled again, slurring like no tomorrow and piteously at that.

Maes had to do something, and he had to think fast---okay, fine---that would work!

He kissed Roy again to shut him up, giving in to the sloppy kisses, giving in to the whiskey and the warmth and Roy's desperately pawing hands on the front of his shirt before he slid down Roy's lower body to his knees on the floor. He shrugged out of his tank top then, and furiously undid the buckle to Roy's coattail and pants, sliding them down as well as the man's boxers to reveal what he knew from surreptitious glances in the commons showers existed.

It was perfect, hard, the tip already dripping, and Maes about died in fear and uncertainty. He had /had/ plenty of blowjobs, but he had only dated women, and unlike Roy, he had most certainly never /given/ a blowjob before. He regarded Roy Jr. And Roy Jr. regarded him. It twitched. Maes jumped where he was between the other man's knees. Roy whimpered incoherently, thrusting upwards into the air desperately.

Well, he supposed it was a bit like eating a bug. The hell if you were sure you were going to like the taste or the texture but you might as well just do it all at once and get it over with. Especially if he didn't want to scandalize his wall mates any more than Roy already had---

"Maes?" Roy whimpered again, hiccupping piteously.

"Just be still," Maes murmured gently, his hands coming down to cradle Roy's hips, to press them down to the bed for his own safety. He stretched his tongue out carefully then, and licked from root to tip, making Roy whine and buck against his grip.

He winced at the bitter and salty taste, but he had to admit, it was far from the worst thing ever. Roy didn't seem displeased though, and Maes lowered his head closer, nuzzling briefly against Roy's ebony curls before he drifted upwards again, slowly taking the head into his mouth.

Roy grunted impatiently, still writhing. Maes wanted to tell Roy to let him take his time, but his mouth was full now, so as he slid further downwards, he settled for a hum of disapproval.

Roy Jr. pulsed and twitched in appreciation inside Maes' mouth and Roy cried something low and content into the nearest pillow.

Well, that had to be good, right? Right.

He bobbed his head slowly, taking as much of Roy as he could at once while tracing the vein on the underside with a careful tongue.

Roy was calling his name over and over again softly, writhing and thrusting into Maes' hands. The bigger man only had a moment’s warning too, and that was when he felt Roy's balls draw up and his need twitch---

And then Maes Hughes had a mouthful. He managed to keep it in his mouth until Roy finally stilled, until the slighter man was spent and gasping for air, each breath leaving his lungs with a grateful whimper.

It was as Roy settled back to the bed completely and his hands untangled from Maes' hair letting the other man off his cock, that Maes scrambled across the room and was unceremoniously sick into the trashcan by Roy's desk.

It hadn't been that bad---but by god, he was drunk and more than a little queasy.

When he stopped gagging, he turned back to Roy where the other man was slumped over the bed, and found himself blushing in embarrassment and apologizing. "Roy---I'm so sorry---I didn't mean to---"

A snore greeted Maes.

Maes simply rubbed his temple uncomfortably, and then moved to pull Roy's boxers back up. He stripped the other man down to just underclothes, took off boots, and turned him on his side, covering him with a blanket before he headed to the bathroom to brush his teeth.


Just. Lovely.


Maes decided that he deserved some sort of award when he didn't laugh.

He had been wringing a washcloth out for his best friend while he gagged the last of last night's drunken debauchery into the toilet, and the damn lid had come down and hit Roy in the back of the head.

Maes was feeling slightly vengeful for some reason. His first blowjob and a damn good one at that---and Roy had had the nerve to freaking pass out! His jaw was aching and he could somehow still taste come in his mouth despite brushing his teeth a dozen times.

He had told Roy to stop drinking after his fifth shot. Obviously, he hadn't protested enough because Roy had still gotten shit-faced. And now Maes was still /hard/. Every time he thought about Roy's cock he got hard, and that was about every twenty minutes at the least. He had gotten nothing out of it and Roy probably didn't even /remember./

"Hey Roy?" Maes asked as Roy whimpered indignantly into the toilet bowl while clutching the back of his head. "Do you remember any of last night?"

He was greeted by Roy's middle finger and more unhappy gagging sounds as he placed the cloth on the back of Roy's neck.

Okay, maybe now was not the time. Maybe after Roy's shift today, if Roy even remember then.


Roy came home and took a shower.

Maes crossed his legs, trying to hide his hard on while pretending he was reading a field manual.

Roy paraded through the room in only his towel before he sat at his desk and opened a book, turning his desk lamp on.

Maes bit his lower lip in frustration.

Roy shifted half an hour later, his towel slipping to reveal the graceful curve of the top of Roy's thigh and the strong muscles underneath that perfect pale skin. A bead of water ran down between Roy's lean shoulderblades, turning the skin beneath it tawny.

Maes tasted blood, and a tiny whimper escaped.

Roy glanced up sharply.

"What is it?" he asked dazedly. "Does your stomach hurt? If it makes you feel any better, mess didn't much agree with me today either.”

"That was because you were hung over," Maes said, glowering fiercely at the wall and willing Roy Mustang to drop dead for being so damn oblivious to his own sexiness.

Roy was glancing at him now, and his bloody lip, quite seriously.

"Maes? What is it?" he asked, his bored tone slipping to one of companionable worry.

"You don't remember last night, do you?" Maes accused, finding himself a bit cross and turning on Roy with emotional fangs bared.

"Uh---no---should I?" Roy asked softly, sudden worry crossing obsidian. Roy could feel the trap closing in from experience and suddenly knew that he was a dead man.

"I gave you the best blowjob in the world and you fell asleep through it!" Maes cried, just before he caught himself and winced. He thought he heard someone on the other side of the wall snickering. Great. Just great.

Roy looked briefly baffled.

"Have you ever /given/ a blowjob before Maes?" Roy asked innocently just before the realization of what he said caught up with him. His mouth formed a slack 'O' of personal horror before he started stuttering. "Maes---that's not what I meant---I---"

"I can't /believe/ you!" Maes cried, throwing his hands in the air, cutting Roy off. He didn't care if he was acting like a woman. For once in his life he understood why women bitched about men so much.

Roy looked aghast even as his best friend stalked into their private dorm bathroom and slammed the door.


It was as Maes was angrily jerking off that a tiny and low voice cut through the silence and the sound of skin on skin.

"Maes---can I please come in?"

There was a knock at the door.

"Jerking off. Go awa," Maes snarled.


As annoyed as Maes was, he couldn't stay mad at Roy long. Not when he used that tone of voice. And Roy knew it. Damn him. Maes stilled his hand on his need, breathing hard, and turned the lock.

Roy opened the door cautiously, as though fearing Maes would throw something at his head. It probably hadn't been a bad idea, because Maes was debating it.

"I'm sorry," Roy said softly. "Can I at least make it up to you?"

"No," Maes said harshly, glancing away to glower at the wallpaper as he slid his hand around his erection and began tugging again. When he thought he heard Roy whimper, he turned to give the dark haired alchemist an evil glare. "What? If you don't like watching, then go away."

Roy shook his head, and Maes noticed a conspicuous bulge in Roy's towel as well as his desire widened pupils. Roy's breathing was coming a bit fast, and his hands were trembling where they were in his pockets, surreptitiously caressing the hardness there. "Maes---I want---"

"What do you want?!" Maes asked gruffly, eyebrows knit in consternation.

"To do this." Roy murmured just before he yanked his hand from his pocket, holding Maes' hand still as he leaned down and kissed him.

Maes had planned on staying mad, but how could he when Roy's mouth was on his, so submissive and pleading?

Maes groaned, sliding his tongue against Roy's as his hands came up to clasp a cheek of that perfect ass in each hand. He massaged and Roy shuddered and moaned. Maes tugged, and the towel came away to fall to the floor forgotten in the twist of tongues and the brush of warm skin on skin.

Maes' hands were desperate as they slid up and down Roy's bare body, tracing contours hungrily, pausing to pinch a hard nipple curiously. Roy was so different from a woman, and yet, he almost liked this better. Roy was all hard angles, cuts and curves and long shadows in the low light of the bathroom. It was then, as he found himself rocking fully clothed up against Roy that he had no idea what to do in this situation as much as he wanted it. He only knew what to do for women---

Roy must have read his confusion, because dark gray, almost an odd shade of blue with hunger, met his.

"Take your pants off," Roy murmured.

Maes didn't argue.

Before he knew it, he was lying naked on his back on the plush softness of the bath mat, and Roy was above him, slicking hand lotion onto Maes' need.

Maes whimpered and arched. His whole body was desperate, aching. Roy just smiled, and pausing only a moment longer, pressing a brief kiss to Maes' lips. Maes was still tingling from the touches of Roy's fingertips, lips and tongue. Trembling from the sensual and gently curious trace of fingers that made Maes wonder how long /Roy/ had wanted this, dreamed of this---

"Roy---god---please?!" Maes pleaded. Roy just gave Maes a smirk that took his breath away, and moved over his best friend’s need. There was only the sound of labored breathing in the bathroom as Roy positioned himself over Maes, spreading delicate fingers over the green eyed man's broader chest for balance.

Just as the bud of Roy's opening touched the head of Maes' need, the bathroom door opened.

Maes froze.

Roy gasped in shock.

It occurred to Maes he had never heard Roy make that sound before.

He tilted his head up then, cursing Roy stopping even as he found himself making eye contact with a blond woman, standing awestruck in the bathroom doorway. All the color had left her face, and her heavily applied makeup stood out starkly.

"I guess I'll just---come back later," the woman said breathily as tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

"Patricia! Wait! This isn't what it looks like!" Roy cried as the dorm room door slammed a heartbeat later.

"Oh, it isn't, is it?" Maes asked as he shoved Roy off of him and then scrambling to his feet, shoved his best friend out into the bedroom, slamming the door in his startled face.

"Maes! That's not what I meant! Maes?"

Maes Hughes fell to his knees next to the sink, and thumped his head into the counter several times in frustration before his hand fell back to his need and he resumed what he had planned the /first/ time he had slammed the door in Roy's face.

"Maes---can I please at least have my towel and clothes? Maes?!" Roy's pitiful voice cut through the wood of the door.

"When you can remember how to lock the dorm room door." Maes snapped.

"Patricia! Waiiiiaaaaiiiiit!" A mocking voice cut through the wall he shared with the neighbors.

Maes planned a particularly cruel series of pranks for the two men living on the other side of that wall as he came with a groan, spilling out over the top of his hand.


He had refused to come out of the bathroom for the last four hours, and Roy had gone completely silent. Maes figured he had now completely lost any chance he had at being with Roy. Okay. So maybe he shouldn't have been so pissed---but still---

"Maes---please?" that tiny voice asked. The voice was further away, coming from the area of Roy's desk. Oh, so that was it.

When Maes finally opened the door, he could see Roy's naked back. The man, a soldier to the end, was sitting in his desk chair in only his birthday suit and trying to study.

Maes picked up Roy's uniform and towel and dropped them at Roy's feet before he simply slid into his bed, and turning his back on his best friend, struggled to sleep.


When he woke up, something warm and heavy was weighing him down.

He tried to turn over, but he couldn't quite manage it. In doing so, he noticed the spill of silky hair over his collar bone in the brightness sliding in through the blinds of the dorm room. Cracking one eye explained everything. Roy Mustang was sound asleep on his bare chest, eyes slightly swollen.

Had Roy been crying?

Maes thought hard about the last few days. It really wasn't Roy's fault that all of this crazy shit had happened, and he had just had a case of everything he said coming out wrong. Roy Mustang wasn't the first guy in history to have that happen---

Maes felt bad then. Like utter dog shit, actually. He found himself stroking Roy's hair with calloused fingers, and as Roy murmured happily in his sleep, Maes found himself kissing his best friend, and this time, a bit differently than he had before. This time, he found himself appreciating Roy's dark lashes, the perfect quirk of sleepy and contented eyebrows. The way that he looked so much younger than his eighteen years as he cuddled into the rain of sweet kisses, his dog tags clinking as he moved slightly, murmuring Maes' name into the low hum of noise that was the dorm halls at sunrise.

If Maes had needed any more encouragement that it was him Roy really needed and wanted, he didn't need it anymore. Roy was calling for him in his sleep.

"Good morning, Sleepy," Maes murmured, stroking Roy's shoulders just hard enough to make him stir awake.

Roy glanced at Maes, his eye widening in surprise as he glanced around.

"I didn't mean to!" Roy gasped, trying to sit up and away. "I was going to move before you woke up and I---I'm sorry I shouldn't have---"

"Shut up, Roy," Maes said softly.

Roy blinked at Maes, eyes hurt. That was until Maes kissed him again, this time deeply.


He rolled on top of Roy, arching their now naked hips together while Roy's hands kneaded at his back desperately. The bed creaked in protest as Maes leaned down to nibble at Roy's throat.

"I love you, Roy," Maes murmured as he slid between his best friend’s legs, as Roy slid his leg up along Maes' ribs until the bigger man took it, understanding belatedly the need for the gesture. Roy arched helpfully under Maes, helping him line up, one hand coming from Maes' shoulder to clutch the heavier man's need, supporting it.

Maes shivered in both anticipation and nerves. He had never dreamed of getting this far with Roy, to be able to be one with the only person who had ever made him feel like---this.

He pressed forward, and found himself gasping as Roy gave beneath him, and he slid slightly in, into the heat of his lover, his best friend. Everything was going surprisingly smoothly until he slid a bit further and Roy grunted, and then jerked abruptly away, ramming his head into the headboard and pushing Maes away and out.

Maes blinked in surprise and a moment later, frustration as his bare and slick cock met the coolness of dorm room air.

"I can't!" Roy gasped softly, rubbing his head.

Maes blinked in astonishment again, letting Roy's leg fall so that he could both pull away and simultaneously reach up to touch the knot forming on top of Roy's head as well as the bruise over his eye.

"Why---did I---did I do something wrong?" Maes asked, uncertain and so hard he could have killed himself for some relief.

"You're my best friend and I love you---I've never---with anyone I loved before," Roy murmured.

Maes moaned, dropping his head to Roy's bare chest where he growled in frustration and understanding.

"Roy---look---it's just me---please?!" Maes pleaded.

Maes was rewarded then with a rueful laugh from Roy. "I need to get over myself, don't I?" Roy said softly.

"Mhh---would be nice," Maes groaned from Roy's chest.


In the end, Maes found himself shivering and buried deep inside Roy Mustang, while his lover called his name over and over again, the bed frame smacking into the wall.

The phone had rang three times, but each time, it had been summarily ignored, and finally, finally Maes Hughes got to finish. And he did it only a few moments after a sobbing Roy.

At goddamn last.

The last piece in the puzzle of the strange beginning of their relationship finally fell into place.

When Maes collapsed to the side of Roy, curling his lover close, he could hear snickering from the hallway.

"Oh Patricia!" Someone moaned around the (thankfully locked) door.

"Oh Jacob! It's so BIG!" Maes cried theatrically into the now quiet of the room, referring to one of the annoying wall mates.

Roy gave Maes a horrified look, and there was a moment of deep silence from the hallway.

Maes could taste the dismay and surprise. And so the rumors would begin.

Fine. Fucking let them. He would make the miscreants involved sorry they were ever born. He wasn't in Intel for nothing.

"I hate you, Maes," Roy finally said, glaring spitefully at his lover.

"That's not what you were saying a few minutes ago," Maes said softly, smirking down at Roy.


He was stanching a massive nosebleed a moment later while Roy cleaned himself up on Maes' undershirt and then got dressed before storming out of the dorm room.

Oh well---that was how these things went, right? Right.



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