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Title: Unrequited, a fanfiction inspired by frankie_the_cat’s elricest story Taboo”
Author: esteltinuviel
Type of work: fanfiction
Pairing: EdxWinry, implied elricest
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance/angst
Words: 1856
Warnings/Spoilers: implied elricest, unrequited love

Author’s note: if you haven’t read “Taboo” it is an awesome fic that I would encourage you to read, although you don’t have to have read it to read this and get it. Thanks to frankie_the_cat for letting me write this!


“There you go, Ed, good as new!” Winry proclaimed, tightening the last screw on Edward’s automail. Ed sat upright on the sofa, wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead, relieved that it was all over.

“Thanks, Winry,” he told her, glad to have his automail working again.

Winry smiled. “Go ahead and move it around.”

Ed stretched, moving his metal limb around in its socket and making sure it didn’t pinch any nerves or otherwise not function as an arm should. “Feels great! I think you fixed it even better than last time!” Ed laughed.

“Of course I did,” Winry’s voice held a tinge of anger, “I have to keep getting better so that you don’t keep breaking it!”

Ed gave nervous laugh, “Yeah, about that, count on seeing me again in a few months.” Ed was sure he would break his automail again with all the fights and dangerous missions he’d been getting into. It was becoming increasingly apparent that the Philosopher’s Stone was a deadly goal, but that wasn’t going to stop him and Al.

Winry groaned. “There won’t be a next time, Ed! I’ll kill you before you can break my automail one more time!” She raised her wrench menacingly over his head, ready to strike at any second.

Ed winced, bracing himself for the blow. “I don’t intentionally break my automail, it just happens!”

Winry sighed, lowering her weapon. “I guess you’re right.”

“See, it’s not my fault that everyone seems to want to pick a fight with me and I happen to always fight back,” Edward said blindly with pride, not realizing his mistake.

“Edward!!!” Winry yelled.

“Ow!” Ed exclaimed, fiercely rubbing the red spot on his forehead where Winry had hit him with the wrench. “You trying to murder me?!” He yelled back angrily.

“Well, it would serve you right!” Winry got up and started to walk out of the room. “I’m going to get you a repair package for that automail. So stay put!” Her voice was stern and Ed knew better than to argue with her over this any more.

“Fine,” he muttered before laying back down on the couch to wait for her return.

* * *

Why does he always have to be so stubborn?! Winry wondered as she wove her way through the maze of shelves in the storage room. Guys are just stupid! She stopped in front of one shelf and opened a drawer filled with travel-sized repair kits for automail. Tired from all her work, Winry decided to take a break; she sat down on a nearby crate to rest.

I don’t even care that Ed’s the one that keeps Granny and me in business. I just don’t want him to get hurt. She gave a small chuckle at the thought. I’m acting senseless again. I guess you can’t help it when you love someone. As much as Winry wanted to be angry at Ed, she still couldn’t deny her feelings. Winry smiled mischievously. But on the other hand, if Ed does break his automail and has to come back for repairs, I get to see him in his boxers! She blushed at the thought, remembering exactly how Ed looked without his shirt. It was an amazing sight...

That’s evil! she thought, immediately regretting what she had mused. I’m just being selfish. What would Ed say if he knew I secretly liked that?! Does he know? But what if he knows? But what if he didn’t mind, and actually liked that I liked that? Winry’s mind was moving at warp speed, constantly thinking things over.

“Uhnnn!” she groaned in frustration. “Why did I have to love him?!”

“Love who, Winry?” Ed asked, standing in the doorway.

Winry jumped when she heard Ed’s voice, giving a small squeak of surprise. “Ed, I--” she stammered, lost for words.

“Are you all right? I heard some weird noise and I didn’t want you to have fallen or something. You’ve been in here for half an hour.”

Has it really been that long? “Oops,” Winry said, her voice slightly unsteady. “I must have lost track of time, thinking, you know.” I hope he buys my excuse!

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ll sit for hours just thinking about things. It drives Al crazy!” he laughed, coming over to sit next to Winry, who noticed that he still hadn’t put his shirt back on.

“Yes!” Winry triumphed out loud, not realizing that she said that statement and didn’t think it as she intended, too. Her face immediately showed her mistake.

“Winry?” Ed asked, expectantly, “Are you sure you’re fine?”

“No, I mean, yes--” she said quickly. Now I’m acting like a spazz all because he’s being really nice today and he also happens ot have his shirt off! She took a deep breath. Just calm down, she told herself. “I mean, that I’m not perfectly fine. It’s kind of hard to be ‘fine’ when you’re sitting next to the person you’re in love with.” The words came out before Winry could stop them. It was too late now.

Ed sputtered, his own face turning a shade of scarlet. “The person you’re in love with?” Ed repeated. “But, Winry, I’m sitting next to you. You can’t possibly mean--”

He was cut short as he felt Winry’s lips against his own. The kiss started off light at first, but then both Ed and Winry deepened it. Ed opened his mouth to allow Winry further entry while he took the liberty of threading his hands through her long hair. Winry’s own hands lingered around Ed’s shoulders with one snaking its way down to rest on his muscular torso. Winry turned her head so that her neck was exposed to Ed’s other hand, the metal of which felt crisp against their heat.

The kiss felt good, something that both could not deny, but Winry could sense something else. Something was wrong. She felt Edward slowly fail to reciprocate and then pull away, finally breaking their embrace. He stood panting and looked her in the eyes. Winry averted her gaze, feeling slightly guilty for initiating so inconsiderately.

“I’m sorry, Ed, I should have--” she said quietly.

Ed shook his head. “No, I’m the one who should be sorry.” His eyes were filled with an unexplainable remorse. “I, I can’t!”

Winry looked up, meeting his gaze. “What do you mean?” Her voice was barely more than a whisper; her heart raced as she feared the worst.

“I can’t love you.” The sentence hung in the air like a declaration of war or the news that a close friend had just died. Winry felt as if she had just died.

Desperately grasping for any hope, she tried, “You love someone else don’t you? ‘Cause you know I’ll wait if you want me to...” Her voice trailed off.

Ed’s look held nothing but pity and sorrow. “That’s part of it.” He shifted his feet, unsure where to begin. “I can’t love you because, because I’m gay!” Ed blurted out. He sighed, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted off his chest. Or at least part of that weight.

“You’re gay?” Winry couldn’t believe her ears. Everything seemed like it was unreal, a dream, or a nightmare, perhaps. She wanted to cry, for it to all be over so she could go back to her old life. One where she didn’t have to worry about these things. “You’re gay,” she repeated, emphasizing the word.

“Yep,” Ed took a deep breath. “You don’t think I’m disgusting, do you?” It was a question he himself had often wondered. He turned to look at her, his face serious.

Winry only laughed. “Of course not, Ed! How could I ever think you’re disgusting?”

“Right.” Ed still didn’t sound convinced. There was an awkward silence that pursued as neither of them spoke.

Winry broke the tension. “So have you, found anyone, yet?” she asked, curious.

Ed concentrated a crack in the far wall. “Yeah, he’s well, perfect, or at least he will be soon...” Ed’s voice dropped. “But I don’t think he loves me, not that way.” Tears pricked the corners of his eyes; he quickly wiped them away.

Winry understood immediately. “You’re in love with Alphonse, aren’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“The way you talk about him, the tone in your voice and the look on your face, it’s always been the same when you’re talking about Al.”

“So you see why I’m disgusting. I mean, look, I love my own brother!” He waved his hands around before slumping further onto the crate.

Winry wrapped an arm around him, something Ed dd not prevent her from doing. It was more of a friendly gesture than a romantic one. “You’re not disgusting Ed. Love is not disgusting, it’s just love. I love you. You love Al. That’s all different forms of love, but it’s still love, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Ed’s spirits seemed to lighten at Winry’s words. Hearing that come from someone else, and someone so close to him, made him feel, well, accepted and not something disgusting. “And what about Al?” Ed asked, concerned about what to do regarding his brother.

Winry paused, thinking. “I’d say to just let it be for now. Al’s got to mature first, and it’s hard to do that as just a soul. I’m sure you’ll get your bodies back,” she added, “but until then, I would just let him live in peace. Don’t forget about it, but don’t think about it. Concentrate on your alchemy.”

“And when we get out bodies back?” Ed wondered.

“Tell him,” she said bluntly.

Ed didn’t like the idea. “But what if he doesn’t feel the same way?”

Winry spoke from her heart. “You can’t always be afraid of rejection. Al would never intentionally hurt you Ed. He cares about you, more than you probably know. I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt the same way.” She smiled at Ed. “Just go for it!”

Ed realized the truth in her words. “Thanks.”

Winry shook it off. “It’s no problem.” She then handed him the automail repair kit. “Here you go. This is for when you have minor repairs that need to be done and you can’t come see me. Just please promise me you won’t get yourself too banged up.”

Ed stood up, accepting the repair kit. “I promise!” He flashed her a grin before turning to walk out of the storeroom and get ready to leave. He paused at the door. “Hey, Winry, you’re more than just a good mechanic, you know that!”

Winry was happy, despite the fact that her love would always remain unrequited.
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