11 (luver_gurl) wrote in fm_alchemist,

5-way battle royale

hmmm.. thoughts on epi 30- and point of view :D spoilers!!!! lol :D

must say- epi 30 is yet again.. another interesting episode :D just loving that kid more and more XD
just a really random thought here atm- but, what exactly is the relation between all the homoculus and the kid? it is apparant that all the homoculus wants the kid for some reason- but- to me- it seems that greed wants the kid individually and also envy- are greed and envy on the same lines at the moment?! or are they against each another? b/c if you see at the end of the episode- when ed said it's a four way battle royale- the fuheur comes in saying it's a 5-way battle royale meaning (my own assumptions) that fuheur is most likely a homoculus (either envy in disguise as seen earlier w/ envy being able to disguise as other ppl or another member of the sins ?) as he too also entered the battle and w/ the mad bomber dude (btw- refresh my memory... who was he..? :p) and the lizard guy that works for greed??

*confused* hope that i didn't make this sound all that confusing?! ahah.... :p
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