Vortex (projectvortex) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Hmmm... another thought (Once again, ep. 30 spoilers contained herein)

A return to 30 just gave me cause to think. I think Hughes is alive.

Whoever watches the AKeep_ANBU sub should fast forward to 12:51 into the ep. Greed is talking with someone wearing a trenchcoat. Now, I'm not good with voices, but it sounds similar. And, from what I can see in this still-shot, the figure is also wearing glasses and we can't see his face. Now, Hughes was a master of intelligence, which means he's good at disguises and the like. But I still am not sure what he's doing with Greed... and if is him he's also in some kind of distress. Listening to the line ("I see... I'm sure they will be useful to you.") suggests that there's something wrong as his voice wavers at the end of the sentence and he takes a sharp inhalation of air, almost as if he's gritting his teeth or something.

So yeah... there ya go. Another random thought from me.

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