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For Those Attending Anime-Expo.... (and those that are just cosplay curious ;) )

For Those Attending Anime-Expo.... (and those that are just cosplay curious ;) )

Hey all!  I was planning to post photos of my finished Movie!Al cosplay... but apparently I managed to make it through the entire evening and put everything away before it even crossed my mind, doh!  I did, however, take some photos over the last few days, so I'll share some of those (the most complete photos shows this at about 70% with the wig unfinished and just sort of tossed on, so it SHOULD look a lot better tomorrow... assuming I don't melt).   

This is my first cosplay, btw. :)  It ended up fitting a heck of a lot better than I thought possible!  SOOOOOooo much work!

At least just tosssed on, this doesn't look half bad (sooo many hours of nervously cutting and styling!).... though I didn't have the shoes on here either.  ... I wish I had photos of this finished, rather than at 70% and the wig haphazardly tossed on. :-/  Ah well, another day...

You can see my real hair tucked underneat there.  Tomorrow the challenge of "hiding" all 2+ feet of it will come...  (Al's hair is shorter now, to boot)

My handmade "prop" is also behind this cut! :D ....KITTEN-STRONG! XD

As Alphonse doesn't really have... "props," I decided on a unique route: he... likes kittens.  Now, since I'm cosplaying as him as a human, I wanted some way to sort of distinguish this fact.  I've seen a photo or two of someone holding beanie babies and that sort of thing, but I decided the best way to get across what was in my head was to make an anime/FMA style kitten/cat...from scratch. ;)  He's grey, and he was really tricky to make.  He has 16 little toes, paw pads, the whole deal, and he was made from scratch with no pattern.  He has wire inside him so he can hang over my shoulder, arm, or in my cloak hood with ease. ;)  Bendy kitty!  And the blond hair is supposed to be patterned after: ARMSTRONG! XD 

These photos were taken before I "styled" the signature curl. :)    Nawwww! :D  Photos are from when it was about 70% done (he has whittle pink paws pads and toes now to boot!).

I'm looking forward to getting a photo with me entirely in costume at 100% WITH Kitten-Strong. :)

And seriously all: I'm going by myself (none of my friends out here are into anime, bleeehh!), so PLEASE feel free to say hi, or if you feel so inclined, lasso me to tromp around with you.  :)  I really enjoy making new friends, and am a short (5'1") unassuming female who is a film grad to boot!  You can also check out a lot of my more recent art on LJ

... I don't think I've posted any of my art to this community yet, but that's where I've made a majority of my income. :)  Mmm film and art...
Anyway: Have a great morning, all!  Hope you get more sleep than I'm likely to! ;)

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