Grygon (grygon) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Pronunciation help, and Tattoo question

how do you pronounce mame? how about Mamestubu? (is it like "maim" or "ma'am"?)

Since being subscribed here I seem to recall a few people interested in getting tattoos of the various symbols you see in FMA. I've recently decided to start researching alchemy symbols and design my own tattoo to get. I've been set on the homunculi's Oruboros, with my own design in the center instead of the 6 triangles.

Would those with tattoos already done mind posting images? I'd also like to hear your stories about them. And where they are located. :) I was thinking mine would go on my neck because someone told me that can be the least painful area to get one (all those nerves). (is that true?)

EDIT: btw, does any one have any large images of the homunculi's Oruboros? The largest I've found so far was only 200by200 pixels (the image itself was large, but the portion of the symbol was small).
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