M0CHAA (mochaa) wrote in fm_alchemist,

It's been forever.

So. Hm, anyone remember the colorbars I did? I had over 40. And I got some 300+ comments XD Even when I went on hiatus. ANYWAY, it's summer, I have more time on the computer, which means I can get back to the... *counts* 10+ requests I have XD My colorbars are still there if anyone still wants to use it!


*If you all would be so kind... could you help me look for screenshots of these requests?

Black Hayate [ANIME]
Brosh [ANIME] & [MANGA]
EdxWinry [MANGA]
Greed [MANGA]
GreedxKimblee [ANIME]
GreedxRoy [ANIME]
Kimblee [ANIME]
RussellxEd [ANIME]
Seven Sins [ANIME]
Hohenhiem [ANIME]
Elricest [ANIME] *What's Elricest? x_x

I'll try looking for them myself, but a little help wouldn't hurt. Thanks!
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