Tayles (tayles) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Question about ep30

Okies. Just watched ep30 (and liekOMFG was it good ^^) and I have a question about the goings on in the slum with Scar.

So. Scar spots a dude. Asks about Dude. Is told Dude is a sinner (read: alchemist ><) with a tattoo on his face.

*raises an eyebrow*

Scar goes looking for Dude. Finds hovel. In hovel are many, many types of arrays. One of which is the same as the one Ed used in the lab, I think. You know, the one for creating the philstone.

*raises other eyebrow*

Is Scar's brother still alive? Or am I reading waaaaaaaay too much into things?

All these abounding theories are giving me a headache ><;;;

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