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Anime Expo, Cosplay, and help?

Well, I had a pretty random cosplay idea, and decided to to go with it because it sounded funny. I'll be wearing it the first day of Expo, but since I just finished it I thought I'd post a preview (so maybe someone would get it and recognize me... ^^; )

It's a bit of a spoiler if you haven't seen the last two episodes.

Supposed to be Roy during his final fight with the Fuhrer. I've nicknamed him Pincushion!Roy.

Of course, at Expo I'll have the cuts on my face and the transmutation circle and the skull. And matching pants. XD; I didn't have to do anything with those, so I didn't bring them over to hughes_maes 's house. She'll be with me as Dead!Hughes, by the way. So if you see us, say hi, so we can feel less unrecognizably dumb. XP

And the sword in front will be less lopsided. We kind of wanted the costume to be easily removable, since it's not quite Expo yet. ^_~

We'll be at the FMA gathering Sunday at 7:00, but we'll be wearing our actual uniforms that day.

Now, a question. Anyone know of anything that can be used to make fake blood stains, but will wash off pretty easily? I've already ripped up the coat, so I'm not too worried about what happens to it, but I'd like to keep my white shirt. XD;
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