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[FanFic] Show Me The Way - Chapter 2

It's been forever since I posted here. I'm so sorry it took so long to get chapter 2 up, It's been rather hectic around my house. But I've FINALLY got it finished and set up the way I want.

So please read and review. I'll try to have the next chapter up soon. Enjoy.

Title: Show Me The Way - Chapter 2
Chapter Title: Headstrong
Author: golden_heretic
Genre: Angst, Self-Injury, Non Yaoi/Shonen-ai.
Rating: R for Violence, Language (More)
Pairings: Edward Elric and Roy Mustang
Warnings: This fanfic contains material that may not be suitable for younger readers.(Parts of the story that are in italics are Flashbacks)

Author note: This is my second fan fiction ever, so I hope you guys like it. As I said before it's not a Yaoi or Shonen-ai fic, but it does deal a lot with the emotions of Edward and Roy.

Previous Chapter
Chapter 1 - Blinded

Ed looked all over Central for Al. All the local places his brother liked to go. Even down an alley where he had said a mother cat and her babies lived but, no Al. By then Ed had called Winry to see if she heard anything but it seemed no one had seen or talked to the youngest Elric all day.

Ed sat on the headquarters stairway looking up at the sky. It hadn’t been a complete 24 hours so he couldn’t report Al missing to the police. He sure as hell didn’t want to get the bastard Colonel involved. He didn’t need his help for anything, he would sooner die then ask for Mustang’s help. It was Al who was missing not him after all and he couldn’t let that kind of thing happen to his brother. Which was making the thought of the Colonel’s assistance become rather enticing.

Just as he was getting up the courage to go ask Mustang for help, no matter how it hurt his pride, Hughes sat down next to him.

“Is everything ok Ed, you look kind of depressed?” Hughes always wore a warming smile on his face. It would make anyone willing to just spell there guts and anything else that was bothering them at the time. Ed did all he could to remain calm and not get worked up.

“I just haven’t been able to fine Al all day.” Ed said with a weak smile trying to reassure Hughes that everything was fine although he didn’t quite believe it himself.

Hughes smile faded quickly when he heard the news and he quickly pulled Ed to his feet and started dragging him in through headquarters front door.

“Hughes, what’s going on, stop it” Ed said while struggling to break free of Hughes hold.

“You haven’t heard the news have you? Recently people have been going missing, no one knows why. So far it seems that the kidnapper hasn’t been killing them since no bodies have been reported, but that doesn’t really say much” he stopped talking as they entered the passage.

* * * * *

They passed Hawkeye aiming for the door Mustang was sure to be behind. Hughes flung it open without knocking and closed it faster then he had opened it startling Mustang.

Roy glanced up quickly.

“Yes please come in Hughes and make yourself at home.” he chocked out in a sarcastic tone. The Colonel looked to Hughes and then to Ed.

“Is their a problem?”

Hughes wasted no time. He chimed in almost cutting Mustang off before he finished his sentence.

“We have another report of a mission person.” Hughes said and Mustang gave him the mother of all dirty looks.

“Ed, step outside I need speak with Hughes in private, you know for adults only” Roy was trying to make Ed forget about what Hughes had just said and worry more about the kid comment. Before the plan had a chance to work Hughes was speaking again

“Its about his brother, he’s been missing since this morning”. Hawkeye leaned against the door frame to Mustang’s office, holding a file. It wasn’t in her nature to eavesdrop but she didn’t want to interrupt either.

“Actually its been since last night” Ed said. His head was bowed and he had a blank look on his face staring at the floor. “He went out to get me some medicine and I had accidentally fallen asleep, so I didn’t noticed until this morning that Al didn’t come home.”

Mustangs eyes narrowed at him “You should have said something sooner. We could have been looking for Al this whole time and might have had a better chance to pick up a lead.”

This only made Ed feel even worse as the thoughts of what he should have done ran thought his mind.

“But I just thought that maybe … maybe he was doing something. I don’t know.” Ed shook his head as he felt the tears begin to swell in his eyes

“You didn’t want to jump to conclusions incase you were wrong. You guys might have been accidentally missing each other all day” Hughes stated trying to reassure Ed that it wasn’t his fault.

As more thoughts filled Ed’s mind a rage seemed to come with it

“Is this what you didn’t want to tell me earlier?“ Ed blurted out. “Is this why you ordered me to stay in Central? If so, and you told me sooner then I would have been aware Al may have been kidnapped. I would have said something earlier be-before it got to late, no-now he could be hurt or worse.”

Ed’s anger seemed to fad as he rambled on. It was obvious to Mustang and Hughes that Ed was beating himself up for it inside.

‘Why did I let him go to get the medicine that late at night? Why didn’t I stop him?’

These thoughts kept running through his head until Hawkeye interrupted them by entering the room. She felt bad for Ed and how mustang was treating him, so she decided to intervene.

“Sir, another report has just come in, Dennis Wilson the Mercury Alchemist has been reported missing, friends and family say they haven’t heard from him all day. He‘s also missed a few launch appointments.” she stated.

“Did they check at residence?” Mustang questioned, looking at the older blonde.

“No sir, they figured he would be at work so they didn’t bother, would you like me to send someone?” she asked while setting the report on his desk.

“No that’s ok. Just let me know any other news that comes in.” Roy sat back down in his chair and rested his forehead in his hands.

“Yes sir” Hawkeye replied, coming to attention and saluting before turning to the door and leaving.

Ed and Hughes were now sitting on the leather couch in Mustangs office.

“I guess I should get to work. I am part of the investigations department after all.” Hughes stated as he began to stand up.

“Where would you start? I mean it seems you don’t know much about this kidnapper.” Ed said in a small voice.

“Well we know he’s going after Alchemist only, State Alchemist to be exact.” Hughes walked to the door, waving his hand in the air while letting out a 'see you later' before closing it behind him.

Ed sat in disarray on the couch ‘after State Alchemists’ he thought ‘then why take Al’.

Mustang interrupted answering Ed’s mental questions as if he could read minds.

“They probably have seen you and Al together so they assumed since you were a State Alchemist, he was probably one to.” Mustang now leaning back in his chair looking out the window. “From the reports and the missing Alchemist, they seem to be going after powerful and higher up people. Maybe from the looks of your brother, they thought he was stronger then most, deciding he was a good candidate for whatever they’re planning.”

Ed just stood up without saying a word. He looked as if there was something he wanted to say but his mouth wouldn’t let him. When he could finally speak all he said was

“Can I be excused?”

Mustang nodded his head and watched as Ed left his office.

Not knowing where to go or what to do, Edward just blankly walked and walked until he found himself in the restroom. Not being able to contain his sickness any longer, he rushed over to one of the empty stalls knelling down over one of the toilets.

* * * * *

Mustang got up and walked to the office door. He opened it just a crack.

“Lieutenant, I would like a word with you.”

Hawkeye stood, leaving her paper work that instant and walked into Roy’s office closing the door behind her.

“Yes sir?” She moved closer to his desk as he settled back in his chair once more.

“Tell Hughes to take a crew and go inspect the Mercury Alchemist residence” He ordered. The order lacked its normal bite and Riza noticed.

“Sir, the Lieutenant Colonel already informed me he planned on that course of action earlier and has already left to do so.” Mustang sighed. Leaning forward he rest his head in the palm of his hands.

“Sir, would you like some coffee?” Hawkeye asked trying to be of some comfort to Roy.

“Sure that would be nice.” The dark haired replyed.

Hawkeye started out of the office. When she reached the door she looked back to Mustang.

“Sir, I’m sure Alphonse will be fine. He’s a strong boy after all.” With that said she exited the room and closed the door, quickly making her way to the staff lounge area to apprehend a cup of coffee for the Colonel.

Roy sighed, dropping his hands to the desk in search for his pen

‘Al’s not the brother I’m particularly worried about at the moment’ he thought to himself.

Although Al was the one who was missing he was almost certain that the armored Elric was in no real danger, for the moment that is. As long as he remained useful to the kidnappers and their cause he was safe, Fullmetal on the other hand seemed to be unstable at the moment and if Mustang needed Ed’s usual divide and conquer tactics on his side he wasn’t sure if the Fullmetal pip-squeak would prove useful in the state he’s in.

He returned to his paper work trying to brush off the never ending cycle of thoughts.

* * * TBC * * *

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