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27 June 2006 @ 07:48 pm
So has anybody actually played the videogames?

My girlfriend let me borrow the first one for PS2 and I couldn't bring myself to play the whole thing. On a whim I bought the second one and... Damn, was it good. (It only took about 12 hours to complete.) XD It's like the perfect game for Al fans. (Given that you can collect cats for him! ♥) But anyway. Has anybody else played them?

I've looked around online and I've never found the cutscenes anywhere. If I find the means, would anybody want them if I was to uploaded them?
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racheal02: Spazracheal02 on June 28th, 2006 08:48 am (UTC)
In the 3rd game, there is a 2-player mode, called Tag battle, that you can play. The main storyline is still single player.

I found Tag Battle quite attictive, well...as long as you had 2 players. You can set the 2nd player to be AI, but... the AI kinda sucks compared to having an actual person >.> I believe I could only beat the 1st of 5 levels when I had an AI partner.

The nice thing about tag battle, was that you could win items to be used in the main game. Like, the Championship Belt (I think that's the name of it? Going off memory here...and it's been a while) which is an accessory you get for beating the final level of tag battle. It ups all your stats by 100! And there's no limit to how many you can win (though....the final level....is quite difficult...amusing...but difficult. Actually, most of the levels were amusing, such as the final boss from the 2nd game randomly being an opponent in a couple of them)

On the New Game+ of the regular game, you can start unlocking new characters for Tag Battle, such as the increbily cheap duo of Mustang and Hawkeye ^^

Wow, I rambled... now I want to play Tag Battle...
*pokes S-E* bring the game over >.>