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Doujinshi for sale


I have a couple of FMA doujinshi for sale. (Rare pairings, guys! Greed x Kimblee, Bradley x Greed, Hughes x Roy)


Hughes x Roy novel "Slowly and Slowly," US $8
Because it's a novel, and I don't read much Japanese, I don't know the rating.

Bradley x Greed doujin "Sinking Go Mad," US $15
This is a copybook. Hard yaoi (R18/NC-17) with a very heavy S&M warning.

Kimblee x Greed doujin "Switch," US $20
Brand new. Hard yaoi (R18/NC-17), has its funny moments.

I also have an Inuyasha doujin and a few Dynasty Warriors doujinshi for sale and can provide more info if requested.

Prices don't include shipping, but that usually runs a flat rate of approximately $5. I'd need to be paid for these via PayPal.

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