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27 June 2006 @ 09:12 am
When I'm bored, I tend to notice weird things...

Since they've been posted so much, I would assume everyone's seen the Kids OVA, but I'll cut this just in case...

So we all know it's Ed's 100th birthday, yadda yadda....

Outside, the grass is green, and the trees are in bloom...so it's either mid-late spring or summer.

But wait...Ed's birthday is in the winter!  WTFH?

So, plausible reasonings?  I doubt they're south of the equator.  Do we have a plot hole on our hands, or is the Gate screwy with the timeline between worlds and Ed just adjusted his birthday accordingly or something like that?

And other comments regarding it while I'm here....

He's in damn good shapre for 100 too...still got color in his hair even (curses mother's lineage for the prematurely greying genes....and ironically, my dad's side is the type that DOESN'T get grey; he has very few at 50, and even HIS dad still didn't have too much greying into his 70's...)

Not to mention that automail is 80+ years old, and still functining...Winry would be proud XD

In the past, I've seen people wonder how his grandkids are such little look-alikes.  My mother cousins daughter whom I met like 10 years ago at a reuinion, looked EXACTLY like me.  If it weren't for the nametags, no one but our parents could tell us apart.  We were only blood related though our GREAT Grandparents.  I also look very much like my father, who isn't even related to her at all.  So while it's not exactly common, you CAN have little clones running in families, even generations later and with mixed bloodlines. 

Okay, so it's a longshot to have it happen like that all at once, but it's anime...they break the rules about this crap all the time.

I'll shut my trap now.
Mari: Soul Cast To the Sea - butterfly_iconskaitou_marina on June 27th, 2006 05:32 pm (UTC)
The articles that predated the release of the OVAs said that Ed was living in Japan. Also, Al isn't dead, as he'd sent a present along with the children to Ed for his birthday XDDDD;;;;

I like your theory about his birthday though. I was thinking before that the studio had just screwed up XDDDDDDDD
hotomihotomi on June 27th, 2006 11:27 pm (UTC)
So Al´s not death hmm? Then why doesn´t he live with Ed ? ( I bet their wives are death...)
Still Naive, Not Photogenicsliefoxx on June 28th, 2006 04:11 am (UTC)
Umm ... forgive me for being a grammar nazi (I know you speak Spanish too, but it's kinda bugging me)

You're using 'death' incorrectly. You should be writing 'dead',(Adjective - descriptive) the past tense, which is how we're referring to the characters. Dead: The state of being dead.

'Death' (Verb - action) is present tense, which would be correct if you said something like, "So Al's death hasn't happened?"

Erm ... I probably made no sense ... sorry ... I don't want to come off as a prude ...

*Read your profile*

Yes. Alphonse is the best. ♥
hotomihotomi on June 28th, 2006 05:20 am (UTC)
It´s ok ...thanks for correcting me, yeah I understand what you mean with the death/dead thing it´s been a while since I read something in English.