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In episode 45 ("A Rotted Heart")...

at the beginning of the episode, the narrative of Hohenheim and Dante is being explained. When they show the transmutation Hohenheim did to create the Stone, what exactly does the "circle" look like? It looks very similar to the one that Ed drew in lab 5. It also looks very similar to the Ishbalan circle. But it seemed slightly different from those.

Does anyone have any caps? Can anyone explain? Am I just blind?

Any help is appreciated. ^_^

EDIT: So, xeviscerax commented with a cap of the transmutation circle Hohenheim used to create a Stone. I've got images of the array used by Scar in Liore, the array on Scar's brother's body, and the tattoo/array on Scar's arm. dragontrap also mentioned something about Human Transmutation, so for good measure there's an image of the transmutation circle Ed and Al used to bring back their mother.

Comparing these, it is noteworthy to mention, as dragontrap did, that Hohenheim's array, Scar's arm array, Scar's brother's body's array, and the array Ed used in Lab 5 all have seven points. (Whoo, that was a mouthful.) I think the Liore array does too, it's just not very neat. It's a little hard to tell, but it looks like it does.

There are minor differences between all of them, but they all have the similar heptagonal orientation and arrow point. (I don't know about the Lab 5 array.)

Does anyone have a cap of the array Ed made in Lab 5? It's hard to compare without knowing what it looks like in detail.

EDIT 2: cofie made an interesting point about Hohenheim's array not being perfect. And that begs the question, which array/transmutation circle/method is the perfect one to create a Philosopher's Stone with? Marcoh's? the Ishbalan method? Hohenheim's way?

EDIT 3: xeviscerax commented with caps of the lab 5 arrays!

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