Absolutely no decorum. (niwakaame) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Absolutely no decorum.

Homonculi speculations...FMA is becoming sci fi?

I was just thinking about a few things on how Homonculi were created-as well as trying to make speculations by taking mystery boy's case as exemples.Since I have not yet watdched ep30,nor am too far in the manga,nor was I here for long,I am sorry if I've just wasted your time telling you somthing you already knew or somoen has already mentionned.

Maybe human resurrection works in an 'incomplete' way,and that gives by accident Homonculi-or parts of the Homonculi are created from those the bodies of the dead which one has tried to resurrect.I am not only talking about the boy's case here,but about Lust's case too,who strangely looked like Scar's older brother's girlfriend-whom he (scar's bro) apparently tried to resurrect.Scar has himself made the comment 'might mybrother have succeeded?' in ep 21 I believe,and Lust asked him what he was talking about-therefore htose Homonculi people most likely had once human bodies BUT either a new soul was given to them or memory erased.

.........I won't go as far as to say that the mysterious boy's soul could be the one of Izumi's dead progeniture....Come to think of it,Sloth sliglhty looks like Tricia Elric?
please do comment,I'm curious about others' opinions.

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