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Oh dear (Ep. 30 & speculation on 31)

Well, I've been postulating and formulating for awhile, and what I've thought up isn't good.

Alright, after watching 29 and 30 in rapid-fire succession, I'm a bit nervous now. Here are a few points to ponder:

1) Anyone who has seen the spoiler for 31 can probably guess that the Fuhrer at South City is a fake... it's Envy.

2) We all know that Hughes' replacement is hankering for war. And we also know that Mustang and Central City have mobilized to go deal with Scar and the Ishbal contingent. What are the chances that the current flareup at South HQ will spread to what Mustang is about to go do?

3) There is no rule that the homonoculi have to have the names of the seven sins. Obviously, the boy proves this. What may happen to him in the hands of Envy is yet to be determined. But I think he holds a key piece to the puzzle of the Philosopher's Stone and whatever is on that island does not bode well.

4) To clear up any questions/problems, so far the issue of the Fuhrer being a sin is, at this time, speculation only. The anime is deviating from the manga, which is to be expected. However, I am reasonably certain with the evidence presented so far that his secretary is actually a homonoculi, which makes me wonder why the Fuhrer would be one if his secretary is already in position to cover as one.

I am also not sure that Frank Archer is one either. Remember what we know of Archer--he wants a war. He wants one no matter what. War is his thing. That really doesn't sound like Pride. If we had a sin named "Death", I think we'd have our guy. ^_~ Of course, I have been known to be wrong many many times before, so this wouldn't be the first. But, *shrugs* this is simply all speculation.

Oh, a note to those who use the quote from 30 in which Greed says "I heard that Envy, Pride, and the others are after them..." : We still don't know, in the context of the anime, who Pride is. Pride could be the Fuhrer. Again, too soon to speculate on it. Also, look at what Greed actually says:

"I heard the Evny, Pride, and the others are after them... so I thought it'd be interesting to take them. But it looks like I can get something even more interesting. A Homonuculus like me who can use alchemy, eh?"

The "them" implies that whatever Envy, Pride, etc. is after is plural. But the boy isn't brought up for another two sentences when Greed changes the subject of his conversation. "something even more interesting" must therefore be the boy. Which means:

He (Greed) was just originally pursuing the Elric brothers which was what all the other homonoculi were doing. ^_^

Thus, back to square one.

I think it's safe to say that life in FMA continues as it always has... taking every twist and turn possible. ^_^
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