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Movie ad in newspaper...

Hello people :3 Wonder if anybody has posted about this yet?

Just last night, I was looking through the Sunday newspaper (The Los Angeles Times to be exact), and found an Anime Expo '06 pull-out newspaper advertisement supplement thingy. So, I flipped through it and found an article on the FMA movie, as well as an ad for the movie DVD on the last page. This morning, I scanned the black-and-white pages that they were on with my little scanner, as they were... pretty interesting.

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This is the actual article... I edited out all of the irrelevant information, so that's my explanation for the big white spots in it. There isn't much here, other than what we already know, though... (But it seems like they switched the date for the movie premeire... again? whut?)

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And the advertisement... My scanner couldn't scan the whole thing without chopping off the sides a bit, I'm sorry ._.;; BUT, you can see what the English movie DVD cover is going to look like. It looks like they randomly put in the release dates for the last three DVDs too.

I apologize if anyone sees this as a post suddenly out of nowhere that is completely useless, because it's my fault. If you think this is spam or whatever, feel free to delete it, I don't mind! :3

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