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17 June 2006 @ 10:58 pm
Anyone Attending Anime Expo?  
I'm curious: is anyone here planning to attend Anime Expo?

I'm certainly going, and I'm even considering cosplaying (though I've never done it before), but I'm curious who else out there plans on attending. :) I'm hyped to see the FMA movie on a big(ger) screen, though they keep moving around the time it's playing, arugh!

Verie: Shinyverie on June 18th, 2006 08:06 am (UTC)
I'll be there, dressed up as Roy and everything. With a big cosplay group, to boot. X3
Jellybean Whisperertheregaltigress on June 30th, 2006 08:42 pm (UTC)
I'm jealous of your big cosplay group. ;) I have to fly solo this year, so I'll be a movie!Al wandering around looking for my "brother" or something (I'll be carrying a charcoal kitten). ;) Do you have any photos of you and your group?


Verieverie on June 30th, 2006 11:06 pm (UTC)
I do have a few pictures, actually. None of the entire group together, and I'm missing pictures of a few people, but I do have some.


Me. And our Havoc's hand. XD;

Itsa Havoc. Hoping to get his hair a bit better for Expo. Maybe attempt to lighten it, if his family doesn't kills us. ^^;

Ed, obviously. XP She's not wearing her coat for some reason. x.o; And our Al... who is, as you can see, a plushie. XD;


Because that one amuses me.

I don't have pictures of our Sloth, our Wrath is revamping her costume, so she'll be at Expo, but I lack good pictures. ^^; And there's a Hawkeye, a Black Hayate plushie, our RP Armstrong who lacks a costume, and Scheizka. ^^;

Jellybean Whisperertheregaltigress on July 1st, 2006 10:17 am (UTC)
Oh that is soooo awesome you have a group!

I just put up photos of my own costume when it was at about 70%, so please do feel free to say "hi" if you see me!


I'll be the Movie!Al without a "niisan." ;)