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Balance of Power ~ Chapter Eighteen

Title: "I'm the Girl Your Mother Warned You About"
Author: c_b_s. AKA, "Crackbunny Syndrome"; c_b_syndrome, aliasheist, and ladyamber
Disclaimer: Not ours, we're just playing in this sandbox.
Rating: Hard PG-13, tapping on the shoulders of R for violence and Ed's potty mouth.
Author's Notes: This is more of a continuation of the previous chapter, which is why it went up so quickly on the heels of ch 17. See, while we were hammering out some tricky details for a couple of scenes, these scenes were written (three writers on one project? Sometimes it's just easier to "assign" a scene to one writer). Thing is, once we had it all put together, we realized it was too long for just one chapter (we broke over 16K words total). So... You get a bonus! Rejoice or curse, whichever appeals the most to you.

Summary: “Great,” Hughes mumbled as he opened the door. “Reilly sends me, Mister Disgustingly Normal, into a den of freaks. Way to blend in.”

Don't eat the magic mushrooms!

As always, the index to all chapters can be found here: Crackbunny Syndrome

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