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Random Manga Ponderings

I don't know if these things have been mentioned yet but the more I notice these things, the more they bug me. (Well, not bug me as in annoy, bug me as in I have to do things like this to make me feel better.) But seeing as they're all spoilers for 58-60, I'll be nice and put them under Lj-cut. (So I don't get yelled at)

(Note: The pictures got smaller so you'll have to click them to see them up close.)

I don't remember who it is that ships the Archer/Kimblee pairings, but...Can you say "Love Child"?

I swear, You've got Psycho "I love to kill people" Kimblee with Mr. "Accept the fact that the reason you want to attack me is because I'm better than you" Archer.

Silver Alchemist Blooper

It seems that he loses his powers with injury, no?

What really bugs me being an obessed Royai fan and all is trying to figure out how old Roy and Riza are in this saga/arc/flashback. It may just be their eyes and hairstyles but I swear that Riza's only 15 which would make Roy around 19 (If you go with the four years thing.)

First off, Roy and Riza are at least a few years apart, seeing as how she refers to Roy as "Mr. Mustang" while he calls her "Riza". Though this might just be because he's her father's apprentice.

Second, Riza is practically a whole foot shorter than Roy at the graveyard scene. (Below, left) In the present time, she's only a few inches shorter than him. (Below, right)

What this can mean is that either Riza is still young enough to be growing or that Roy shrunk quite a bit which is quite silly and doubtful.

Also, since I've gone back to pondering the secrets of Riza's Father's research by looking into her tattoo more, I've found that I'm still in creepy mode.

I'm starting to wonder if Riza was forced by her Father to 'house' his research.

Riza mentions how her Father scared her, how he was always absorbed in his research, but then we saw how she already had the tattoo on her back in the graveyard.

It made me wonder: How obessed was her father? Was he so obessed with the fact that if he wrote his reseach down on paper that others would find it and use it for wrong? Was he so obessed with keeping it secret that he used his own daughter?

Needless to say, the answer to the above is yes, but then you have to wonder if Riza volunteered willingly or if he made her. (maybe it was just me, but when she was telling Roy about her Father's research, didn't she seem a little hollow or empty to you? As if she trained to talk about it in a certain way.

Also, how did he get the tattoo on her back? Did he use alchemy or was he a tattoo artist back is his younger, more rebelious days?

*ponder ponder*

Well, there's my pondering notes for this time around. Anyone can add their opinions if they want. I enjoy debating.

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