The Indomitable Sam (bruisedgarden) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Indomitable Sam

Found Something

SPOILERS for Episode 23 of the Anime - I spotted something, but can't screencap it.

I just noticed something interesting in watching the Anime again - I'm on Episode 23, Heart of Steel(?) at 8:19 in the playtime. Winry has just gotten off the train and is looking for something that will "catch her eye" to bring her to Ed and Al in the hospital... well, her gaze passes right over the backs of Sieg(?) and Izumi as they look at a bulletin board. I really wish my media player took screenshots, but it dosen't. My question is; what are they doing in Central? I haven't watched the series in a while so I might be blanking, but don't they decide in the next 4-5 Episodes to go south and visit her? Why would they be up here now? From what I remember, Izumi comes up for the end of the series for all that ass-kicking, but that's all I remember.

Hopefully someone can get a screenshot of it up, it's really neat and I'd never noticed it before.

Edit: A few people explained it for me; been too long since I watched/read that part so I forgot. ^^;

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