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[fic] comments make me happy (:

I sort of dropped out of fm fandom for a bit but i'm back (for now) with a new story which I hope you'll like and critique. This is a draft of the first chapter, and I'm hoping to get an opinion before I continue writing. If it's ok, subsequent chapters will be f-locked until they're beta-ed. Speaking of which, I need betas too if I'm to continue ^^ so if you're interested do leave a comment! (linked to my journal because it's easier)


"Untitled" (as yet!)
Pairings: Roy/Ed eventually, Roy+Hughes. Various.
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: Private investigator AU. Character death (uh, not unexpected). Not particuarly spoilery, I don't think.

ficcage which stars roy mustang as sam spade?

Thanks, everybody (:
This time, I unlocked it -sheepish-

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