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Fic help?

It's... been awhile since I posted here.

So, um... I was wondering if I could get some help for this fic I'm writing? Any and all input or suggestions would be appreciated (but please don't be offended if your suggestion doesn't find its way into the fic) Everyone's suggestions were appreciated for chapter one, however most of them I have just taken into consideration for future chapters as opposed to going back and editing what was already written.
Future chapters will be submitted to a beta.

Here's the deal. I posted this fic:
back in March. and I'm sort of at a road block for how to continue it. Al's going to have a bigger part in future installments, since the story is about Roy, Ed and Al... I'm looking for help and suggestions on the following things for chapter two -

1. Where to take the story.
I've never written a fic like this before, but I'd like to try one where reader input is actually used in the story.
2. Anyone who is or has been a waiter/waitress that has any stories that I can use for ideas/inspiration.
3. Title suggestions. Chapter and fic titles.... I am terrible at coming up with them.

I think that's everything. I hope this isn't too off-topic.

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