Quin (quintaessentia) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA blanket and pillowcase on sale at Hot Topic

I don't think that anyone else has mentioned this yet, but Hot Topic (hottopic.com) is having a sale on their FMA throw/blanket and FMA Ed pillowcase. $11 for the blanket (was $22 originally), and $5 for the pillowcase.

Just thought that maybe someone else would find this information useful. One can never have too much FMA stuff, right? ^^ And considering the whole 50% off sale, it seemed like a decent deal.

And if this sort of post isn't acceptable, please let me know, and I'll delete it.

[Edit 8:12 PM]: Well, it looks like the blanket is probably sold out as it isn't on the website anymore! Wow. That was quick!
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