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06 June 2006 @ 11:35 pm
See a Dae post? It means FANARTS!  
Well, after a necessary hiatus for my brain safety, today our service proposes you a variety of smexy dishes, including cosplay, military!Greed and Kimbly facing a narcissistic homosexuality/masturbation dilemma (and, of course, Archer/Kimbly, our forte).
Overall WORKSAFE BUT SPICY so access at your on risk.

Roy/Archer collab with sima_zhongda - NC-17
My Bravest Sailor (Archer/Kimbly) - PG-13
Canon (Archer/Kimbly) - PG-13
Better Alone (Kimbly/Kimbly/Kimbly) - NC-17
Military!Greed - G
Military!Greed/Archer/Kimbly - G

'Faked at refectory
Current Music: Baustelle - Un Romantico a Milano