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Newtype scans

Don't know if people have these or not, but I bought a Japanese copy of Newtype today (it's from ages ago. Shows you how up to date our local shop is ><) and it had yummy pics and a sticker book ^^ Oh, I'm gonna have a joy with those stickers. Where to put them, where to put them...

Anyway, thought I'd share in case anyone wanted them. They quality's a bit cruddy due to my scanner being, well, cruddy, but teh cute is worth it.

Roy, Riza, Al and Ed in battle.

Winry repairs Ed's automail, with Al in the background.

Roy and his comrades; pink sparkles, puppy, kitten and all.

Teh CUTE. Ed and Al saluting.

Roy poses whilst Hughes asks his opinion on that awful shirt.

Looks like someone called Ed short again.

Riza with the puppy and Roy in his chair. Smirking. Damn him.

Oh, and a request. Does anyone have a decent quality picture of this screenshot from the opening credits? Even without the subtitles it'd be great. Cos I go all gooey when I see it ^^;

That's it. I've done my fangirl duty. Now I'm going to bed *collapses* ...zzz...
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