... and despair! (hieronymousb) wrote in fm_alchemist,
... and despair!

"Twelve Years"; genfic, G, for fma_exchange

Title: Twelve Years
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb]
Written for: evil_kat
Rating: G
Genre: Genfic. Wistful reminiscing type stuff. Ed-centric. Some angst.
Spoilers: Maybe slight movie spoilers; very slight.
Warnings: None
Count: 1689, my program says.

For evil_kat; you said you liked wistful stuff, so I figured I'd give this a shot.

Oh, look, it's another Ambre-fic which totally discounts movie-verse. I seem to be awfully good at pretending CoS doesn't exist.

(Flowers would be more practical, and he knows this, but...well, Edward Elric was never exactly practical in his displays.)
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