Daeva from the Soil (tomoe_daeva) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Daeva from the Soil

I'm teh dae and I bring you fanfics D:

Well, basically I was bored because I noticed there are not enought Archer/Kimbly fanfictions so I drabbled a little.
A special hug to rayneuke who had the extreme patience to fix the grammar/Engrish errors XD

A Personal Memento
rating: G / words count: 223
-Why should I need something like that..?-

Cheap Lemon Service
rating: PG-13 for language (OMG, a stupid sentence in the end!)? / words count: 409
-Well? Will you give me that little service..?-

Fantasia per Piano
rating: G / words count: 197
-...Did I wake you up..?-

rating: G / words count: 631
-So the bastard is dead, eh?-

Happily 'faked to _deadlyweapons_
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