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Always wanted to be a pirate? Here's your chance. The island of Fontaine on the oceanic planet of Mer is the largest in two archipelago's worth of islands, and is home to the Royal Family Fontaine--a family that's more than a little messed up, but also more than a little wealthy. The Fontaine Family Treasure is the thing all treasurehunters have ever dreamed of, and everyone wants a piece of the prize. Not to mention there's a lot of other really neat things out there for the pillaging.

Ahoy!RPG is a multi-fandom crossover RPG which allows for multiple fandoms through the use of all the islands as "worlds" for characters to originate from. You can "apply" for island creation along with a character application, and that's how the world of Mer is expanded and built upon. Want an island of Amestris which is known for its militant rule? Go for it.

Characters have a multitude of types to choose from, among them fighters, duelists, Mages, Scholars, summoners, priests, pirates, thieves, ninjas, merchants, commonfolk, Blue or Red Knights, aristocrats, politicians, entertainers and athletes, artificers and gearmasters, the Queen's Assassins, and the royal family. Types can be mixed and matched at will--you can have a Mage athlete, or a gearmaster pirate.

As far as Fullmetal Alchemist goes, alchemic powers would be most closely approximated by the types of Scholar, artificer, Mage, and gearmaster. Which of these types exactly depends on the alchemist you're playing, but there's room for a little bit of everything. Have fun!

Want more information? Check out the community's profile. We'd love to have you (and Ed, Roy, Maes, or whoever you'd like to bring along ;).

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