Elizabeth (bettle) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Because I <3 crossovers.

So, here's the freakishly creepy concept of what would happen in an FMA/Zatch Bell crossover, where Black Hayate learns a...new trick. D:

Rating: G
Category: crack, crossovers
Disclaimer: Neither FMA nor Zatch Bell belong to me. This picture was drawn purely for entertainment.

Fanart done in colored pencils (with a bit of pastel) that took longer than it should have, but it's done now! And, if the style seems familiar to you, it's because I'm the same person who posted the crossdressing!Greed pic a week or two ago.


FULL VIEW please, the preview image is tiny.

Oh and also, I have art requests open on DA if anyone's interested. (No more that three at a time please, but since I'm unknown I shouldn't worry about that.)

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