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Anime Boston 2006 picture time! Here are the pictures of the impromptu FMA photoshoot that was had on Saturday. I was the one cosplaying Miniskirt!Ed, if anyone was wondering. XD

Well, actually, this first one was from outside of the room where the FMA panel was going to be held. We were on line, so what the hell, photo op.

Munich!Ed, Pride!Ed, and Miniskirt!Ed.


Group picture of the bunch of us.

Amestris military.

Munich!Ed emos on his suitcase.

Munich!Ed and Movie!Roy act like their usual selves.

I bet this scene was cut out of the movie.

Well, when you don't have a Havoc...

More homunculi!

The heroes!

Roy cowers from the water fountain.

But two Eds try to drag him in anyway.

Roy and Pride!Ed battle.

The Colonel decides to follow his feelings and proposes to Ed...

...and Ed really can't find a reason to complain at this point. XD (Yoinked this picture off another camera since mine it came out a hell of a lot better than mine)

Homunculi battle! ...seems Pride misplaced his swords >.> <.<

Us Edwards again.


I don't have any of the pictures from the indoor part of the photoshoot (which was when things really got crazy), but if I find some, I'll post them up here. ^_^

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