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Hime D. ~創世の錬金術師~

[fic] Alike

Title: Alike
Author: hime1999
Rating: Gen, G
Warning: Movie spoilers.
Note: I suck.

* * * * * * *

"You look so much like him."

Alphonse looked up toward the dark-skinned young woman before him. He stared at her, not knowing how to react to her quiet words. After a few uncomfortable seconds, he shrugged indifferently, lowering his eyes. "I guess that's because we're supposedly one person."

Yes, one person, just born in different world, in different families, with different circumstances. Essentially one.

Yes, one person, no matter what his brother would say, because he could see it in everybody's eyes. Everybody who had known his other half. He could see in their eyes the lack of his own existance, always the shadow of a blue-eyed young man they cared about. Nobody had said it, until now, but he could see how they thought of him looking so much like the dead young man, but with the wrong age and the wrong colors.

They didn't care about one Alphonse Elric. He was just a mere substitute for Alfons Heiderich.

"You are not him."

The same argument his brother had lauched against him nearly everyday. And he was tired of it. If everybody had decided who really was, why couldn't they just admit it? He'd rather have them saying it to his face, than giving him those looks. The looks that said same all the way.

If only Alfons were alive.

If only this imposter weren't here.

He looked up to her, to smile at her, to humor her, because he was tired of this charade everybody was playing at him, tired of everybody's denial.

But then he stopped.

For the first time since he came to this world, he saw his own reflection in somebody's eyes. And he was speechless, even as the young woman reached for his hand and closed her eyes.

And opening them again. "Yes, you are not him, and he was not you. I know." She gave his hand a light squeeze. "And so does your brother."

Alphonse stared at the hand on his, a lean hand which was firm in its grip but gentle all the same.

And he wondered why everything else suddenly looked so bright and blurred.

* * * * * * *

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