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I come... bearing art!

I've been lurking around this community for too long, so I decided I might as well contribute something to the mass of FMA fanart out there. And so, I present for your viewing pleasure, a Chibi-Greed!

Greed is probably my third favorite character in the series, behind Hughes and Armstrong. Plus, he's a sexy, psychotic, violent bastard, and I thought there wasn't nearly enough fanart of him. And by not nearly enough, I mean none, as far as I know... >_> I'm sure there's a lot of japanese fanart, but... yes. I'm rambling.

This was dashed off in about an hour - it's a pencil scribble inked and scanend and then really crappily coloured in OpenCanvas3.0. So if there are any glaring mistakes, blame the rush job. >.> And since that's all I have to say, I will stop typing before I say something stupid! *flee*

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