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FMA @ Anime Boston

Hello everyone :D. I went to Anime Boston, cosplaying as Edward Elric. Here's some stuff that happened that's FMA related.
On Saturday, My brother and I went to the Dealer's room to buy something. All of a sudden riku_kabane (cosplayed Envy) put his arm around my shoulder and told me he was making the 'Fullmetal Chain'! I recognised him right away from his post. We then grabbed several other cosplayers and ran around the Hynes Convention center, skipping, singing the wizard of oz theme song, singing the Six Flags theme song, and going up/down escalaters. Anyone see us?

Later that night, I met up with a whole group of FMA cosplayers outside doing an un-official FMA photoshoot. There we performed 'Battle Royale's and did wierd poses/stuff xD (I was killed by Winry, with my own hand T__T). We decided that we needed an Alphonse to take pictures with us, going inside we were bombarded with fans; so we let them take pictures of us. Only to run away in the end. We found an Alphonse (with a kitty ^^). It was fun, until I had to go to dinner.
I know some of you guys are on LJ, so I'd like to say thank you for letting me tag along with you guys :D [To Whom Ever said that they'd have wierd dreams from the Photoshoot: I DID xD;;]
EDIT: If anyone saw an Edward dancing or doing anything in a window, that was me :D;;

Fullmetal Chain

Roy and I


Good guys

Part of the Battle Royale

Ed vs. Roy

Roy Kisses Ed's hand

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