Estel Tinuviel (esteltinuviel) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Estel Tinuviel

the famous scar dad

Hello everyone at fm_alchemist. Some of you may remember me from MTAC my fan ravings online, but if you recall, I cosplayed at MTAC with my dad. Yes, I convinced him to go as Scar to my Ed. So now, I present to you, the new lj user scar_dad This is a link to my journal!

Please excuse the first post--we were having techinical difficulties. But thank you to all who support scar_dad. He really appreciates this (and it will keep him cosplaying!).

I was looking on livejournal for a good Scar commnuity and found a few, but they didn't update as much as here. Does nayone have any suggestions about Scar commnuties for my dad to join? Thanks for your help!
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