Pinkie (pinkhusky) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Hey all- Im just introducing myself briefly- im Pinkie! Nice to meet you all ^^

Okay, ive tried EVERYWHERE to find a REALLY GOOD refrence of the State Alchemist's uniform. Does anyone have a good refrence? It doesnt matter if its drawn or a screen cap or anything. I just need see the whole thing. Ive even looked in all my mangas! XD -tard-

AAAAND I have another question! I read... somewhere (already dont remember where. No brain!) that Conqueror of Shambala would be released IN THEATERS early September, then released on DVD later September (along with the last manga?) Does anyone know if this is true, or just a rumour? I think I got it from one of the voice actors LJ, so unless im making stuff up (Like I said, no brain) Im just wondering if anyone knows if this is true? Thanks!

SO YES. Thank you all!
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