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[Mod] Again with the mod posts!

Okay, after seeing this, we fm_a mods have decided to add a new rule. I drew the short end of the straw and got to be the one posting about it, lucky me.

As of now, fan clubs for either the Japanese or English voice actors must take their rivalry off fm_alchemist. I know there's a lot of you guys, and that's fine, the fact that you have large packs to run with ain't my concern. But when you start bringing your mock war into this comm, that's where it gets off topic and members start getting annoyed (to put it mildly). I do not consider the formation of fan-clubs off topic; feel free, should you make a fan club for any particular actor, to make a post about it here. After that, however, you're done.

If you wish to continue your rivalry, by all means, feel free... but not here. Make another community for it, like fma_fanwars or something, and tell me when you do so I can stick it up in the user info. Similarly, if you have an LJ community for your fanclub, or know of the LJ community for a fanclub, lemme know what it is so I can chuck it in the profile. Got that?

Now play nice and stop giving me headaches. I have an exam tomorrow and if I get hauled out of watching the Matrix for like, the 50th time. What, the exam's on Science Fiction my intense study schedule of reading Wincest porn when I'm not watching the Matrix again, I will eat the offender whole. Without sauce. Feet first.

Edit: Okay, so wofl_iron totally misunderstood me and made fma_fanwars as a place to wank in, so I'd suggest the Risembool Rangers and the Miniskirt Army find somewhere else.
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