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23 May 2006 @ 03:12 am
Call for Entries!  
The RPGamer.com Fanfiction section is having a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic contest his month! The contest guidelines are here. Any FMA fic that is rated a hard PG-13 or under and is based on the anime or video game canon is eligible. (For those not sure about the rating, a Teen rating for video games might be a more apt comparison. If you aren't sure, send it in anyway.) It can even be a fic you wrote a long time ago- you don't have to write something brand new for this contest unless you want to.

Entries need to be emailed to fanfic@rpgamer.com before Friday, June 23rd. Be sure to put [CONTEST] in the subject line of your email and include your penname and the title of your fic in the body of your email. All fanfics must be sent as attachments and should follow our usual submission guidelines.

All submissions that meet the guidelines will be posted in one of our weekly updates and then the winner(s) will be featured in yet another update. Winners will receive a banner- at least. I may be able to swing a small prize for first place, but don't hold me to that. And that's only if we get a ton of great entries- so send in tons of fics, guys! Good luck!