Rune Ariala (runeariala) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Rune Ariala

Random, out of the blue de-lurking and mindless speculation

For episodes 27 or so through 29 I guess...not really a spoiler, but I'll cut it anyways...

So, all those Homunculus (did I spell that right?)...they all have the red marks somewhere on their bodies that's sort of like the blood seal Al has on his armor to bind his soul. Ed's and Al's teacher has a very similar mark on her that alchemically done? Does it denote going through some sort of "process" or is it just a nifty tattoo on Izumi's part? I have to assume that it isn't, since Ed and Al wear it, so I can't imagine they were just like, Wow, she has a cool tattoo. Also, if it's done through an alchemical process, what is that process? Does it, in some way, indicate that Izumi has gone through something very similar to what the Homunculus have gone through? Is that why her body is degenerating?

And if it's something similar to Al's blood seal, wouldn't they just have to poke the right place to, say, kill Lust or Envy? And where the heck is Greed's mark?

All done now.

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